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tr.v. re·as·signed, re·as·sign·ing, re·as·signs
1. To assign to a new position, duty, or location: reassigned the ambassador to a new post.
2. To place in a different category or class.

re·as·sign′ment n.
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Noun1.reassignment - assignment to a different dutyreassignment - assignment to a different duty  
assignment, duty assignment - a duty that you are assigned to perform (especially in the armed forces); "hazardous duty"
secondment - the detachment of a person from their regular organization for temporary assignment elsewhere


n reasignación f; gender — reasignación de género or sexo, cambio de sexo (fam)
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I absolutely disagree with Germaine Greer and consider those going through gender reassignment to be women, including those living as women who decide for any number of personal reasons including financial not to go further and undertake surgery.
Celebrities choosing gender reassignment have caused people of all demographics--from young children to senior citizens--with exposure to media stories such as Caitlyn Jenner to question their gender identity.
Ercan TaE-tekin, a former police chief, said in remarks to the BugE-n daily that the reassignment of police officers is part of efforts by the AK Party government to create a partisan police force.
Using the reasoning of that Supreme Court case, the Seventh Circuit seems to have clarified its position regarding whether reassignment is mandatory despite an employer's policy of selecting the best qualified candidate for a position.
It is a general market business covering the reassignment and rehabilitation of the building of the convent in Saint Anne MR-MRS total approx.
It was in June this year the Obama administration lifted the 33-year old ban on Medicare coverage for gender reassignment surgery.
There was an exhibition at the Liverpool Museum about April Ashley, born a man in Liverpool in 1935 and who was the first British man to have gender reassignment.
mention reassignment at all, (17) and commentators have sometimes
Humiston-Keeling--a 2000 7th Circuit decision finding that although reassignment was a possible accommodation, the ADA did not require it--and the 7th Circuit's previous ruling in United Airlines in March.
Satori World Medical's Global Transgender Program[TM] has contracted with leading gender reassignment and feminization plastic surgeons around the world and in the U.
Ellaborn determined that the taxpayer suffered from severe GID and prescribed a three-step treatment plan recommended by the Benjamin standards: hormonal sex reassignment (hormone therapy requires one psychotherapist recommendation); real-life experience (living as the opposite gender for at least 12 months); and sex reassignment surgery (subsequent to the real-life experience; requires two psychotherapist recommendations).
On her 2001 tax return, O'Donnabhain claimed a medical expense deduction under IRC [section] 213 for $21,741, including $14,495 for the genital sex reassignment surgery; $4,500 for the breast augmentation; and $382 for the hormonal therapy.