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1. A rod or bar used for reinforcement in concrete or asphalt pourings.
2. A group of such rods forming a grid.

[re(inforcing) bar.]


a rod that provides reinforcement in concrete structures


or re-bar


a steel bar or rod used to reinforce concrete.
[1960–65, Amer.; re(inforcing)bar]
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ThePlatts FOB China Rebar steel assessment follows the move in the Platts FOB China Hot Rolled Coil assessment to daily from weekly on June 1, 2015, and enhances Platts' suite of price references tracking rapidly growing Chinese steel exports.
Molecular Rebar Design boasts research laboratories and a market development plant dedicated to the development and commercialisation of individual clean carbon nanotubes trademarked as Molecular Rebar.
Removing it would enable the IDA to approve demands of investors to directly expand rebar rolling mills without approval from the Supreme Council of Energy (SCE).
There is an urgent need to promote the emblem "made in Egypt," encouraging the Egyptian people to buy national products since they are of good quality and suitable prices, Wafiq el-Dhao, owner of a rebar plant, said.
Emirates Steel's product range includes rebar and rebar in coil, wire rod and hot rolled structural steel sections which include beams, columns, channels, angles and sheet piles, direct reduced iron and steel billets.
According to statistics released by Emirates Steel, consumption of rebar in the UAE reached 160,000 metric tons per month in 2012, two percent of which only was accounted for by 40mm rebar.
According to the statistics released by Emirates Steel, consumption of rebar in the UAE in 2012 reached 160,000 metric tonnes per month.
Three professional grade cordless tiers provide a well-rounded solution for most rebar tying applications.
Corrosion both weakens and expands rebar within the concrete.
SteelOrbis has further learned that rebar offers of Turkish mills to Dubai are at $700-710/mt CFR on theoretical weight basis.
Exposed Steel Rebar Corrodes Construction Value and Eats Away at Safety Standards
Some [contractors] want to crush the concrete, remove the rebar and leave the crushed rock on the jobsite--this is a good tool for that.