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also re·beck  (rē′bĕk′)
n. Music
A pear-shaped, two-stringed or three-stringed medieval instrument, played with a bow.

[French, from Old French, alteration (influenced by bec, beak, from its shape) of rebebe, from Old Provençal rebeb, from Arabic rabāb, from rabba, to be master, control; see rbb in Semitic roots.]


(ˈriːbɛk) or


(Instruments) a medieval stringed instrument resembling the violin but having a lute-shaped body
[C16: from Old French rebebe, from Arabic rebāb; perhaps also influenced by Old French bec beak]


or re•beck

(ˈri bɛk)

a Renaissance fiddle with a pear-shaped body tapering into a neck with a sickle-shaped or scroll-shaped end.
[1500–10; < Middle French; replacing Middle English ribibe < Old French rebebe « Arabic rabāb a Near Eastern fiddle with one to three strings]
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Don Quixote was longer in talking than the supper in finishing, at the end of which one of the goatherds said, "That your worship, senor knight-errant, may say with more truth that we show you hospitality with ready good-will, we will give you amusement and pleasure by making one of our comrades sing: he will be here before long, and he is a very intelligent youth and deep in love, and what is more he can read and write and play on the rebeck to perfection.
The goatherd had hardly done speaking, when the notes of the rebeck reached their ears; and shortly after, the player came up, a very good-looking young man of about two-and-twenty.
With all my heart," said the young man, and without waiting for more pressing he seated himself on the trunk of a felled oak, and tuning his rebeck, presently began to sing to these words.
We also use a standardized aptitude test known as the Test of Understanding of College Economics 4 (TUCE) as an externally designed performance measure (see Walstad & Rebeck, 2008, for discussion).
Walstad, Rebeck, and MacDonald (2010) found that students who received the Financing Your Future (FYF) instruction showed an increase in score on a financial knowledge posttest by 15.
2006) and the IDI is not a common outcome measure, and so from a benchmarking perspective (Hill, Bloom, Rebeck Black, & Lipsey, 2008) there may be some limits to using the overall effect size reported by Smith et al.
The pre- and posttests administered to students were developed for use in this study, since no valid, normed, and reliable instrument such as the Test of Economic Literacy (TEL) (Walstad and Rebeck 2001) exists relating specifically to the concepts covered in the O&O curriculum.
The playwrights include Don Nigro, Theresa Rebeck, David Mamet, Nilo Cruz, David Ives, Christopher Durang, Nicole Pandolfo, Adam Cunningham, Greg Pierce, Colman Domingo, Sharon Goldner, Begonya Plaza, Paul Downs Colaizzo, and Greg Kalleres.
The flute, lyre, drum, rebeck and the lute were among other musical instruments proven to have been used in Syria since early periods as indicated by the archeological sculptures and cuneiform inscriptions discovered in several sites.
Walstad and Rebeck (2001) reported that students who completed an economics course were able to answer only 61% of the questions correctly on the Test of economic Literacy, compared to 41% for students who had not taken economics.
SMASH, Sky Atlantic, 9pm OSCAR-WINNER Jennifer Hudson, inset, guest stars as Smash returns for its second and final series, now minus its creator Theresa Rebeck after a less than harmonious parting of the ways.
SMASH, Sky Atlantic, 9pm OSCAR-WINNER Jennifer Hudson guest stars as Smash returns for its second and final series, now minus its creator Theresa Rebeck after a less than harmonious parting of the ways.