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n. recalcificación, restauración de compuestos de calcio en los tejidos.
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The most important goals of palliative RT are pain relief, recalcification and stabilisation, reducing spinal cord compression and minimising the risk of paraplegia.
The liquid EQA materials could be used without any reconstitution or recalcification.
Hemocytes are not only very important for bivalve internal defense, but are also involved in wound healing, shell recalcification, excretion, and heavy metal sequestration (Cheng 1996, Ahearn et al.
Although these high doses would be toxic for some people, Lara's body responded with normal D3 levels and bone recalcification.
The other treatment modalities include bisphosphonates as reported other authors10,11 following benefits like reduction in pain and inflammatory symptoms with increased osseous density and recalcification of osteolytic lesion.
ZOFT has developed and manufactured products including those for Dental care, Recalcification, Probiotics, Periodontal products, Energy, Stress management, Weight loss, Metabolic, Nutricosmetic, Antioxidants, and many more.
The patient settled in 4 weeks time and recalcification of bones and healing of the fracture started.
The effect of anasthetic and analgesics on protein adsorption, platelet adhesion, and plasma recalcification time at blood polymer interface, Artif.
The final stage of pedogenesis was completed by a slight recalcification (amorphous forms of CaC[O.
Recalcification is when the bone forms a natural plaster around the break and is a sign the healing is going to plan.