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tr.v. re·called, re·call·ing, re·calls
1. To ask or order to return: recalled all workers who had been laid off.
a. To remember; recollect: I don't recall her name.
b. To be reminiscent of; seem similar to: a movie that recalls the screwball comedies of the 1940s.
c. To summon back to awareness of or concern with the subject or situation at hand: The opening of the door recalled me from my reverie.
3. To cancel, take back, or revoke: recall a move in chess.
4. To bring back; restore: "an atmosphere of penetrating fragrance, the gentle potency of which had recalled her from her death-like faintness" (Nathaniel Hawthorne).
5. To subject (an elected official) to a recall.
6. To request return of (a product) to the manufacturer, as for necessary repairs or adjustments.
n. (also rē′kôl′)
1. The act of recalling or summoning back, especially an official order to return: the recall of the ambassador.
2. A signal, such as a bugle call, used to summon troops back to their posts.
3. The ability to remember information or experiences: has total recall of the accident.
4. The act of revoking: the recall of an answer in a spelling bee.
a. The procedure by which an elected official may be removed from office by popular vote.
b. The right to employ this procedure.
6. A request by the manufacturer of a product that has been identified as defective to return it, as for necessary repairs or adjustments.

re·call′a·ble adj.
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The Congress which conducted us through the Revolution was a less numerous body than their successors will be; they were not chosen by, nor responsible to, their fellowcitizens at large; though appointed from year to year, and recallable at pleasure, they were generally continued for three years, and prior to the ratification of the federal articles, for a still longer term.
At the moment, most power-generation companies rely on capacity acquired either through capacity release from LDCs, which is interruptible and recallable, or they use interconnection points (IP).
Additionally required I-AT-UEW for sporadically occurring special tasks that can not be edited with the very available internal human resources or because of lack of internal know-how, shortly recallable and usable assistance in the preparation of documents, concepts, business management templates.
DENVER -- Placed LB Danny Trevathan on recallable injured reserve.
All data were integrated by the in-house software and were recallable in a fast and easy manner.
Mechanisms such as mandated, recallable delegates to regional assemblies would ensure that power remained at the base of the local assembly.
The capital increase came through issuing $500 million worth of recallable certificates of deposit at 5.
As they amble through its various memorial sites, Irving and Hawthorne conjure the past as a time and place that is recallable at the Abbey, responding to a memorial locale whose surprising intimacy extends a cordial acquaintanceship across national boundaries.
19) Simply tagging the information would form the basis of a recallable library.
However, their advantages of standoff range have often been offset by the lengthy duration of their subsonic flight (making them impractical to use on a mobile moveable target), their unreliability, their vulnerability, the one-way nature of their mission (they are neither recallable nor recoverable), and, notably, their relative cost per precision round--roughly 80 times the cost of a direct-attack munition.