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tr.v. re·cast, re·cast·ing, re·casts
1. To mold again: recast a bell.
2. To set down or present (ideas, for example) in a new or different arrangement: recast a sentence.
3. To change the cast of (a play or film, for example): After bad reviews, the director recast the play before the production moved to Broadway.
a. To reassign (an acting role) to a new actor: After the star performer broke an arm, the director decided to recast the lead.
b. To assign a new part to (an actor): The director recast a member of the chorus to a speaking role.
n. (rē′kăst′)
1. The act or process of recasting.
2. Something produced by recasting.
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Noun1.recasting - changing a particular word or phrase
revising, rewriting - editing that involves writing something again
paraphrase, paraphrasis - rewording for the purpose of clarification
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These reflections had led Rabourdin to desire the recasting of the clerical official staff.
She was to pay particular attention to the FMF group's use of por/para and ser/estar and was permitted the following feedback options: 1) recasting, 2) clarification request for both meaning and form, 3) explicit feedback by calling direct attention to non-target like productions, and 4) metalinguistic feedback.
s recasting she needed to remain in Egypt, then by natural progression Jonas's Helen ends up no place at all--self-consciously pondering the plausibility of a myth that has come to circumscribe, and thus dictate, her being.
Some of the things a practitioner needs to consider when recasting to determine a business's economic earnings capacity and/or core operating assets and liabilities are:
He said: "The renewal of our public services, the recasting of our welfare state, is the great progressive challenge.
developed the new process technology--called ReCasting [TM]--that is used to rebuild worn and discarded polyurethane (PUR) discs.
Meanwhile, Washington reveals its undying love for this revenge fantasy by forever recasting social and economic ills as fiends with whom we must do battle.
She introduces a complicated pattern of thinking on modern concerns by recasting Shakespeare's motives, practices and characters.
London, July 16 ( ANI ): Marvel Comics has unveiled a latest change in their hammer-wielding Norse superhero, Thor, by recasting him as a woman.
The ECOFIN Council confirmed today the political agreement reached on 17 December 2013 between the European Parliament and EU member states on a draft directive recasting rules on Deposit Guarantee Schemes (DGS).
The Reserve Bank of India and the Finance Ministry are considering setting up a CDR cell to deal with the sudden increase in the number of companies requiring debt recasting services.
The reader should be cautioned that it was not referring to the type of recasting one usually associates with the summer--throwing one's fishing rod back in the water.