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Recce is developing a new class of broad spectrum synthetic antibiotics to address the global health challenge of antibiotic resistant superbugs.
The team had gone for a recce and to observe the situation there for chalking out a final plan.
Individual soldiers in the field always personalize their weapons to some degree--an easy task due to how easy it is to swap out components on an AR-15--and this customization has led to the Recce, also known as the SEAL Recon Rifle.
The foreign militants don't usually do a recce of the area before striking.
Originally in Australia only to take part in recce, the pair seized the opportunity to support Meeke and Nagle.
I later specialised as a Mountain Leader and Commanded 42 Commando's Recce Troop after serving with the UN in east Mostar and Sarajevo in 1993 at the height of the Balkan conflict.
Mick Norcross, owner of the Sugar Hut nightclub, was spotted having a recce around the for sale signs on Castle Street in the city centre.
But most drones aren't armed - they just spy or fly recce missions.
Col Clive Whitwham, prosecuting, said members of the battalion''s recce platoon, who had fought against the Taliban in Afghanistan, had been seething at being badly managed and 'not appreciated'.
Recce all over Sana'a for foreigners who are suitable targets.
We made it and had to go straight out and do the recce for day one with no rest.
I'm here on a recce," she said, before casting admiring glances at her surroundings.