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Noun1.reccy - reconnaissance (by shortening)
reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission - the act of reconnoitring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy); "an exchange of fire occurred on a reconnaissance mission"
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Detective Chief Inspector Paul Knox said: "The CCTV clearly shows that this crime involved a degree of sophistication, the two offenders can be clearly seen carrying out a reccy of the area.
Meanwhile, Glasgow's Coty Garcia is hoping his reccy missions to rivals' tracks will pay off when Tigers go to Edinburgh tonight for their KO Cup quarter-final first leg.
The local joke here is on Griff Pugh, the physiologist, an absent-minded scientist who was going up to Camp IV to observe the effects of oxygen and oxygen lack on the reccy party.
If you are one of the millions of people expected to view properties over the Easter weekend, don't put in that offer until you've done a thorough reccy to make sure there's no nasties lurking that could turn into a costly nightmare.
After that I didn't get top marks in aircraft reccy (aircraft reconnaissance) any more.
Amy's management were on site at Hyde Park at lunchtime doing a reccy of the area.
Liverpool stadium manager and head of operations Ged Poynton said: "When we did our reccy a fortnight ago I had real concerns about the safety and welfare of our fans in that away end.
The weather was so bad that we couldn't get down to armed reccy and we were all glad of that.
VS: During the location reccy [reconnaissance] we ran into this old theatre that had a Christmas pageant choir rehearsing an obscure kind of rock song, and it seemed kind of bizarre.