receiving blanket

re·ceiv·ing blanket

A lightweight blanket used to swaddle a baby.

receiv′ing blan`ket

a small, light blanket for wrapping an infant.
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Designed by Patricia Zapata, this soft double napped flannel (brushed on both sides) is perfect for a baby quilt or receiving blanket.
Instead of her receiving blanket and her new clothes, my baby was wearing a funeral dress.
The court stated that a reasonable jury could conclude that because Lavangie knew the plaintiff wanted blanket limits but remained silent about the fact he was quoting per-location limits--even though he had previously advised against buying per-location limits and because he never drew the insured's attention to the change--he realized the insured believed he was receiving blanket limits.
Snugly wrap your baby in a receiving blanket or other small, lightweight blanket.
For a basic layette you will need four T-shirts with lap shoulders, four one-piece garments, three cardigans, two pairs of socks or booties, a hat and mittens for cold weather, shawls or blankets, two bibs, two sleepers, an infant gown, a towel, four washcloths and a receiving blanket.
Cradling her infant and without hesitation, the mother handed us her baby's receiving blanket.
The older sibling can be given a receiving blanket to place under their shirt to keep warm.
The firings were motivated by the kind of insensitivity and arrogance that would strip the receiving blanket off a worker's baby to weave a sweater for the boss' pet dog.
A flannel receiving blanket makes a good backing for a baby quilt, and another receiving blanket can be used as a fill.
For tiniest infants, adjust by placing a rolled-up receiving blanket in the bottom of the sack.
The scandal has been receiving blanket coverage from the Brazilian media and the outcome of the trial, expected to last at least one month, could affect the October municipal elections which will set the political map ahead of the 2014 presidential poll.