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The availability heuristic weighs the amount and frequency of information received, as well as recentness of the information, as more informative than the source or accuracy of the information.
NLP can assist in detailing that information by ensuring quality data bereft of ambiguity, duplications, incompleteness and recentness.
He remembers those cold, hurried mornings, all our mother's mornings, with the same bracing recentness that I do.
We extracted data for farmers with high pesticide use (high use group) versus low pesticide use (reference group), based on the frequency and recentness of pesticide application.
the applicant's post-conviction conduct, character, and reputation; the seriousness and relative recentness of the offense; the applicant's acceptance of responsibility, remorse, and atonement; and the applicant's need for relief.
De] Correspondent prioritizes relevance over recentness, looks for alternative ways of doing journalism, is transparent about its journalistic choices and dilemmas, values thorough fact-checking, and takes into account in its own reporting the ways in which the wider news media shape our perceptions of the world," the manifesto reads.
In view of the recentness of the adoption of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR in 2008, only eight states so far (Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain) have ratified it.
Owing to the recentness of the study it is justifiable to imply that the graduates are in the groups of Gen-X and late Gen-Y in which the career goals are affected by some of the cultural values of self-direction, achievement, and universalism as proposed in this study.
Given both the recentness and the speed of new discoveries and theories in human evolution and the profound questions they raise for the doctrine of original sin, it is too early and would be unwise to settle on the "best" theological theory that helps us understand the doctrine of original sin in the light of these discoveries and theories.
A situation of great simplicity was offered by the family Asteraceae, a family of about 26,000 species in which woods are essentially identical (owing to the recentness of radiation of the family) except for vessel characters that relate to ecology.
15) Table 1 supports our theoretical expectations and also shows that the president's strategic calculus varies by his choice of communication and the recentness of the Court's decisions.