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re·ces·sion 1

1. The fact or action of moving away or back, especially:
a. The erosion of a cliff or headland from a given point, as from the action of a waterfall.
b. The reduction of a glacier from a point of advancement.
c. The motion of celestial objects away from one another in an expanding universe.
2. A significant period of economic decline from the peak to the trough of a business cycle, characterized by decreasing aggregate output and often by rising unemployment.
3. The withdrawal in a line or file of participants in a ceremony, especially clerics and choir members after a church service.

[Latin recessiō, recessiōn-, from recessus, past participle of recēdere, to recede; see recede1.]

re·ces′sion·ar′y adj.

re·ces·sion 2

n. Law
The restoration of property by a grantee back to the previous owner by means of a legal conveyance.


(Economics) of, caused by, or undergoing economic recession
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Adj.1.recessionary - of or pertaining to a recession


[rɪˈseʃənərɪ] ADJ [factors etc] → recesivo
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The outlook for Spain's banking system is negative, as it has been since 2008, Moody's Investors Service said in a new Banking System Outlook, on the expectation that the banks will continue to operate in a recessionary economy, burdened by high levels on non-performing assets that are expected to significantly deteriorate further, with continued pressure on profitability and capital.
New product developments ranging from the radical to the generic and from packaging to polarisation were among the primary vehicles driving the resurgence while at the same time adapting respective offerings to the needs of the new, post- recessionary consumer.
The theme of the moot was Safe food-significance in recessionary times.
Like I am a princess, I am a princess, or there is no recessionary impact, no recessionary impact, no recessionary impact
Summary: With India's discount retailer, Subhiksha, approaching the market seeking infusion of funds to stay afloat during times of global recessionary trends, experts fear that investors might soon start feeling the heat.
8 in August as stalled growth heightened recessionary concerns for EuropeEoe1/4aos largest.
It's not in the recessionary stage, but it's not in a great expansion phase either.
Treasury doing anything very special, the bond market would decline and both real and nominal long-term interest rates rise, thus contributing further to the recessionary impact.
Issued by the US government to encourage economic recovery after the city was rocked by 9/ 11 and the subsequent recessionary economy, tax exempt Liberty Bonds, which have been instrumental in prompting a number of recent massive development projects, have been extended by Congress five years past their original December 2004 expiration.
11 attacks) knocked us off course of what normally happens, even in recessionary times.
Despite the recessionary environment there for the past few years, Japan is one of our fastest growing and profitable markets," Sutton continued.
Underlying structural weaknesses remained in the economy and a number of newer companies lacked the direct experience of operating in a recessionary climate.