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intr.v. re·cid·i·vat·ed, re·cid·i·vat·ing, re·cid·i·vates
To return to a previous pattern of behavior, especially criminal conduct.

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Verb1.recidivate - go back to bad behavior; "Those who recidivate are often minor criminals"
retrovert, revert, turn back, regress, return - go back to a previous state; "We reverted to the old rules"
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performed a study of Ohio halfway houses and discovered that 80 percent of clients who received less than 200 hours of cognitive treatment recidivated.
Most people eventually desist from crime, and people who have not recidivated for six or seven years (after release, if they were incarcerated) have quite low subsequent recidivism rates.
85) This aggregation aligns with courts' approach to punitive damages, which are often awarded in greater amounts where the defendant is more likely to recidivate or has already recidivated.
One in five juveniles (20 percent) recidivated within two years of their 2007 case closure.
It is important to note that when youth recidivated, or returned to detention, they were only counted as recidivating once and were removed from the dataset for all subsequent time periods.
Offenders were monitored for three years after release, regardless of whether or not they were on parole, to determine if they recidivated.
9%, and black men recidivated at a significantly higher rate than white men.
The original 106 graduates of our program recidivated at a rate of 16 percent, as compared to the nongraduates who recidivated at a rate of 48.
Estimation of the hazard function from observed duration times must control for the censoring of completed duration for individuals that have not yet recidivated.
6 percent of offenders who participated in CLS and successfully completed the program recidivated.
1% recidivism rate, while individuals who completed at least one course every six months of their incarceration recidivated at a rate of 35.
50) Conversely, a study of 800 adolescent offenders charged with robbery found that those adjudicated in juvenile court recidivated roughly 20% less than those waived to the adult system.