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the act of cancelling or rescinding; annulment: the recision of a treaty.
[C17: from Latin recīsiō, from recīdere to cut back]


(rɪˈsɪʒ ən)

an act of canceling or voiding; cancellation.
[1605–15; < Latin recīsiō pruning, reduction =recīd(ere) to cut back (re- re- + -cīdere, comb. form of caedere to cut) + -tiō -tion]
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PRODUCT INNOVATIONS/INTRODUCTIONS II-51 OMAX Unveils MicroMAX JetMachining Center II-51 Water Jet Sweden Rolls Out Beveljet 60 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Head II-51 Hypertherm Introduces HyP recision Waterjet Products II-51 OMAX Rolls Out Intelli-MAX 2 Software Suite II-51 OMAX and Spatial Corp.
The p recision f arming m arket is expected to benefit from emerging market investments that are lifting the standards of agriculture, while the developed markets are expected to continue investing in more efficient precision farming techniques, systems, and procedures, which offer high yields and profits.
The Rolling Shutter Should Be Painted To Stain Blue Ob Both Sides To Is: 8662-2004 2Nd Recision .
Another legislative effort to bring the pressure to bear on the federal agency and their sponsored researchers is the Data Quality Act, which requires agency-sponsored research to hold to good scientific principles or be subject to review and possible modification or recision.
P RECISION POLYMER ENGINEERING (PPE) 01254 295400 one of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance moulded elastomer seals has appointed Jamie Hill as Regional OEM Sales Manager for the UK.
But see supra note 296 (noting the recision problem in step-plus-function method claims).
css) back formation < recision, cutting back (how ironic)
It was Marveaux's pS recision pass through the middle thatopened up the Stoke defence in the dying stages of the contest yesterday to allow Papiss Cisse space to net a trademark poacher's goal.
2011WGOAaward winners CarmP recision DogGrader: Power Shared( Paul Donovan) Richard Rees Racing ClubBit ch Grader: KatiesImpact(Paul Garland) NorahMac Racing Club Special Award: Skywalker Falcon( B Doyle) SJBPr ecision SpecialAward: Rally Town( Norah McEllistrim) Racing Post Veteranofthe Year: Well Park Lady (John Simpson) Colfin Construction Puppy: Badger Man( BernieD oyle) M&MM ediaB itcho f Year: Pretty Charlotte( Paul Donovan) M&M Media Dogof Year: Cloheena Cash(Norah McEllistrim) Bob Boswell's Chairman'sAwar ds: Alan Clarke(membership secretary and webmaster), Team McEllistrim Jim Boothby Kennelhandofthe Year: winner Tim Rowell(Norah McEllistrim); runners-up: Sean Garland(Paul Garland), Ray Tibos (Paul Donovan).
There are exit clauses, recision clauses, guaranteed buyouts of flex down to Championship wages.
The Kennedys ask for judgment against the defendants and recision of the sale of the property with all monies paid returned plus interest and all costs associated with the purchase of the property, and $10,000 for each violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act as well as an undetermined amount for pain and suffering.
From the market experiments in agriculture to recision of burdensome regulations and criticism of vulgar egalitarianism, Raul's approach signals a willingness to free individual initiative and entrepreneurship in pursuit of economic growth.