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reck·less  (rkls)
a. Heedless or careless.
b. Headstrong; rash.
2. Indifferent to or disregardful of consequences: a reckless driver.

[Middle English reckeles, from Old English rcelas; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

reckless·ly adv.
reckless·ness n.
Synonyms: reckless, rash1, precipitate, foolhardy, temerarious
These adjectives mean given to or marked by unthinking boldness. Reckless suggests wild carelessness and disregard for consequences: "conceiving measures to protect the fur-bearing animals from reckless slaughter" (Getrude Atherton).
Rash implies haste, impetuousness, and insufficient consideration: "Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash" (George S. Patton).
Precipitate connotes headlong haste without due deliberation: "destroyed in a precipitate burning of his papers a few days before his death" (James Boswell).
Foolhardy implies injudicious or imprudent boldness: a foolhardy attempt to wrest the gun from the mugger.
Temerarious suggests reckless presumption: "this temerarious foeman who dared intervene between himself [the elephant] and his intended victim" (Edgar Rice Burroughs).

reckless (ˈrɛklɪs)
1. having or showing no regard for danger or consequences; heedless; rash: a reckless driver; a reckless attempt.
[Old English recceleās (see reck, -less); related to Middle Dutch roekeloos, Old High German ruahhalōs]
ˈrecklessly adv ˈrecklessness n
reck•less (ˈrɛk lɪs)

1. utterly unconcerned about consequences; rash; careless (sometimes fol. by of): reckless drivers; to be reckless of danger.
2. characterized by or proceeding from such carelessness: reckless extravagance.
[before 900; Middle English rekles, Old English reccelēas, c. German ruchlos]
reck′less•ly, adv.
reck′less•ness, n.
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Adj.1.reckless - marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences; "foolhardy enough to try to seize the gun from the hijacker"; "became the fiercest and most reckless of partisans"-Macaulay; "a reckless driver"; "a rash attempt to climb Mount Everest"
bold - fearless and daring; "bold settlers on some foreign shore"; "a bold speech"; "a bold adventure"
2.reckless - characterized by careless unconcern; "the heedless generosity and the spasmodic extravagance of persons used to large fortunes"- Edith Wharton; "reckless squandering of public funds"
careless - marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful; "careless about her clothes"; "forgotten by some careless person"; "a careless housekeeper"; "careless proofreading"; "it was a careless mistake"; "hurt by a careless remark"

reckless [ˈreklɪs] ADJ [person] (= rash) → temerario; (= wild) → descabellado; (= thoughtless) → imprudente; [speed] → peligroso; [statement] → inconsiderado
reckless drivingconducción f temeraria
he's a reckless driverconduce temerariamente

reckless [ˈrɛkləs] adj [person, behaviour] (= careless) → imprudent(e) (= heedless of danger) → téméraire
with reckless abandon → avec témérité
reckless driver nconducteur/trice m/f imprudent(e)
reckless driving nconduite f dangereuse

adj person, behaviourleichtsinnig; driver, drivingrücksichtslos; speedgefährlich; attemptgewagt; disregardleichtsinnig; reckless of the danger (liter)ungeacht der Gefahr (liter); with reckless abandonim selbstvergessenen Leichtsinn, mit risikofroher Hingabe

reckless [ˈrɛklɪs] adj (driver, driving, speed) → spericolato/a; (disregard, pursuit) → incosciente; (action, decision) → avventato/a

reckless (ˈrekləs) adjective
very careless; acting or done without any thought of the consequences. a reckless driver; reckless driving.
ˈrecklessly adverb
ˈrecklessness noun

a.  descuidado-a, imprudente.

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I believe he meant to protest against your reckless proceedings.
A reckless man is my aversion, and nothing should ever persuade me to meddle with the concerns of such a one.
If she said Yes, she would accept the hand of a man of worth and honor, who had been throughout his whole life devoted to her; and she would recover the comfort, the luxury, the social prosperity and position of which my father's reckless course of life had deprived her.
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