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 (rĭ-kŏg′nĭ-zəns, -kŏn′ĭ-)
n. Law
1. An obligation, entered into before a judge or magistrate, to perform a particular action, such as appearing in court, without the posting of a bond: released on his own recognizance.
2. A sum of money pledged to assure the performance of such an action.

[Middle English recognisanze, from Old French recognuissance, alteration (influenced by Medieval Latin recognizāre, to recognize) of reconoissance, from reconoistre, reconoiss-, to recognize; see recognize.]

re·cog′ni·zant adj.


adj (form) to be recognizant of somethingetw anerkennen
References in classic literature ?
These judges, and all the men in power, are very friendly to you, and very recognisant of your services; are they not?
One observes my Lady, how recognisant of my Lord's politeness, with an inclination of her gracious head and the concession of her so-genteel fingers
Sapsea found particularly recognisant of his merits and position.
We would like government to seriously take recognisant of our challenges in the last farming season and address them .
The court had already notified the company about the worker's complaint against it, and a representative of the company had reported to the labour department in the first sitting, which could prove that the company was well recognisant of the complaint filed against it when it issued the absconder/absence notice.
Management at Seoul-based LG Electronics are recognisant of the reality check brought about by the global financial crisis.
You would imagine it to be fully recognisant of the status of the leading players in the region but although it has a worthy winner in Nick Knighton, of Longcliffe, it is hardly that.