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v. rec·om·mend·ed, rec·om·mend·ing, rec·om·mends
1. To praise or commend to another as being worthy or desirable; endorse: recommended him for the job; recommended a car instead of an SUV.
2. To make attractive or acceptable: This book has much to recommend it.
3. To advise or counsel: She recommended that we be on time.
4. To commit to the charge of another; entrust: "By these our letters we would have the safety of his person ... recommended to your care" (John Milton).
To give advice or counsel: "recommended against signing an international agreement" (Time).

[Middle English recomenden, from Medieval Latin recommendāre : Latin re-, re- + Latin commendāre, to entrust, commend; see commend.]

rec′om·mend′a·ble adj.
rec′om·mend′er n.
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Machine learning solutions can be applied for image-based diagnosis, object recognition in images, detection of hardware defects and design of recommender systems, amongst other things.
To overcome this problem, we propose a novel e-learning recommender system that recommends interesting information to the learners, thus save learners' time and improve their learning performance.
They cover vision and robotics; logic, constraint satisfaction, and qualitative theory; classification and clustering; modeling; planning and recommender systems; and lexical knowledge representation and natural language processing.
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoIT) would introduce a state-of-the-art high performance recommender system to help avoid spam that comes with marketing avenues of all kinds including SMS and emails.
MD, OGDCL , who came as recommender of the FIA Inspector Chaudhary Tauqeer Ahmed allegedly involved in receiving millions of rupees from OGDCL's officials and requested DG FIA to deal with him with soft hands .
Keywords: Recommender System, Food, eHealth, ACO, Cloud Computing, Pathological Reports
Knowledge Based Recommender Systems use the knowledge about users' necessities to infer recommendations not requiring a great amount of data like another approaches [4].
Trust-aware recommender systems have been widely stud-ied, given that social trust provides an alternative view of user preferences other than item ratings trust networks are small-world networks where two random users are socially connected in a small distance, indicating the implication of trust in recommender systems.
The usability of the prototype Hazard Services interface and an experimental flash flood recommender algorithm (described fully below) was evaluated in 2015 through a user-testing approach based on a Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction (QUIS; Chin et al.
Over the years, the competition has drawn many participants from industry and academia and has become a key part of the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems series.
The recommender systems are most popular intelligent software systems of the information filtering systems that applied in a various domains for example movies, music, books, jokes, restaurant, financial services [8], and Twitter followers [9].
The company was recognized for capabilities that include recommender engine, which helps companies drive employee engagement by leveraging machine-learning insights to uncover the most relevant digital workplace experiences and content.