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tr.v. re·com·mit·ted, re·com·mit·ting, re·com·mits
1. To commit again.
2. To refer (proposed legislation, for example) to a committee again.

re′com·mit′ment, re′com·mit′tal (-mĭt′l) n.
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The endorsement comes as the bishops' conference calls for a recommitment to its 2005 campaign, A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death.
United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said during the UN Security Council session on the Middle East on Wednesday night that he is optimistic about the recent recommitment by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "the idea of a sustainable two-state solution," stressing that "this must be translated into actions.
He calls for its immediate implementation, particularly the recommitment of President Salva Kiir and Dr.
We have worked successfully with Specsavers for the past six years and have achieved some incredible results during that time--this new three-year recommitment will enable us to go even further towards developing eye care and good eye health in Zambia.
Hamas leaders have said a ceasefire must include an end to Israel's blockade of Gaza and a recommitment to a truce reached after an eight-day war there in 2012.
At the completion of camp, adolescents are invited to make a commitment or recommitment to God and the Christian faith.
30 ( ANI ): Researchers have suggested that smokers should follow a New Year's quit with a weekly recommitment to quit that takes advantage of natural weekly cycles.
Al Draiweesh also congratulated on new year of IIUI and said there is need of recommitment for the progress and prosperity of the University and to achieve the core goals behind its foundation.
A story of Carol's conversion and Neal's recommitment to his childhood faith.
html) People , have not revealed whether the ceremony was an official wedding or simply a recommitment ceremony.
The tight market conditions have been exacerbated by unscheduled production problems at LNG plants, as well as the recommitment of spot LNG volumes to mid- and long-term contracts," Ellis added.
WASHINGTON, Jan 23 (KUNA) --The US "remains disappointed" that the governments of Sudan and South Sudan have failed to make significant progress to implement the September 27 agreements despite a recommitment to implementation by presidents Bashir and Kiir of Sudan and South Sudan, the State Department said on Tuesday night.