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v. rec·on·ciled, rec·on·cil·ing, rec·on·ciles
1. To reestablish a close relationship between: reconciled the opposing parties.
2. To settle or resolve: reconciled the dispute.
3. To bring (oneself) to accept: He finally reconciled himself to the change in management.
4. To make compatible, harmonious, or consistent: reconcile my way of thinking with yours.
5. To compare (one financial account) so that it is consistent or compatible with another: reconciled my ledger against my bank statement.
1. To reestablish a close relationship, as in marriage: The estranged couple reconciled after a year.
2. To become compatible, harmonious, or consistent: The figures would not reconcile.

[Middle English reconcilen, from Old French reconcilier, from Latin reconciliāre : re-, re- + conciliāre, to conciliate; see conciliate.]

rec′on·cile′ment n.
rec′on·cil′er n.
rec′on·cil′i·a·to′ry (-sĭl′ē-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.reconciling - tending to reconcile or accommodatereconciling - tending to reconcile or accommodate; bringing into harmony
adaptative, adaptive - having a capacity for adaptation; "the adaptive coloring of a chameleon"
References in classic literature ?
Jenny returned home well pleased with the reception she had met with from Mr Allworthy, whose indulgence to her she industriously made public; partly perhaps as a sacrifice to her own pride, and partly from the more prudent motive of reconciling her neighbours to her, and silencing their clamours.
That he was one himself was far from reconciling him to that despised race.
If recognizing the difference between divine and interpersonal forgiving has clinical implications, then recognizing the difference between divine and interpersonal reconciling may be as important for clinical practice.
The "Transformers" actress and her "Beverly Hills 90210" alum husband called off their engagement before reconciling and marrying in 2010.
The system described in the book demonstrates an attempt to boost autoimmune function in the body by reconciling a toxic gas components found in all sickness.
From a biblical perspective, what makes any reconciliation possible is the fact that God is reconciling the world to Himself -- and Jesus Christ is the mediator.
Will be held 18 shares to the general public on the issue of equal opportunities and reconciling work and family
Excluding reconciling items, operating earnings per share for Q4 of fiscal 2010 were USD0.
We are talking about reconciling with insurgents within Afghanistan, not foreign fighters but insurgents within Afghanistan," Morrell said.
0, which is designed to help large companies close their financial books faster and more accurately by easily reconciling intercompany transactions.
We hear Ravyn reconciling with his family and falling in love with another human.
Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who married a Korean manicurist five years ago in a Moonie ceremony but then left her after being threatened with excommunication, has announced that he's taking up the cause of reconciling the hierarchy with Catholic priests who left ordained ministry to marry.