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tr.v. re·con·firmed, re·con·firm·ing, re·con·firms
To confirm again, especially to establish or support more firmly: reconfirmed the reservations.

re′con·fir·ma′tion (rē′kŏn-fər-mā′shən) n.


1. the act or process of confirming something again
2. something that provides confirmation a second time or again
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Subject to the receipt of requisite regulatory approvals, shareholder ratification at the annual meeting of shareholders on May 9,and shareholder reconfirmation at Kinross' annual shareholder meetings in 2021 and 2024, the new plan will remain in effect until the conclusion of Kinross' annual shareholder meeting in 2027.
Your reconfirmation as Prime Minister gives you a strong mandate to accelerate an ambitious reform agenda and will allow us to further deepen the close personal relationship that we have developed," said the President of the European Council Donald Tusk and the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, in a joint statement.
The reconfirmation as a constituent in the Ethibel Sustainability Index is a recognition of Valmet's strong focus and consistent progress in sustainability.
His first term ended in June 2016, but he was able to remain on the board without going through reconfirmation.
The labor commissioner loses out on his months-long bid for reconfirmation after the GOPers on the Exec Council table his renomination.
2015, she sailed through her reconfirmation hearing.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 11, 2016-Diamond Offshore receives BP reconfirmation of Ocean GreatWhite rig contract
Upon receiving the award, Abdulla Al Fehani, Al Rayyan stadium project manager, SC, said: "It is an honour to receive this award on behalf of the Supreme Committee and a reconfirmation of our commitment to excellence in creating innovative designs which incorporate the culture, heritage and needs of the local community.
Schulz's visit, the strong support and the reconfirmation that Europe will support the process both in practical and economic terms and its political encouragement, was very helpful, he added.
The Agreement is subject to various closing matters, including SEC approval of its post-effective amendment to its registration statement and reconfirmation of Petrus investors, pursuant to Rule 419.
On the ISO recertification, Abdulla Khalifa Al Suwaidi, the managing director, said: "This confirms ADCP's commitment to excellence and a reconfirmation of our assurance that the clientele continues to receive the highest quality service.
Prego's at Beach Rotana gives you a reconfirmation of the anecdote about Italian food.