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Noun1.recording equipment - equipment for making recordsrecording equipment - equipment for making records  
black box - equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight
cassette recorder - a recorder for recording or playing cassettes
CD burner, compact-disk burner - recording equipment for making compact disks
equipment - an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
magnetic recorder - recorder consisting of equipment for making records on magnetic media
multichannel recorder - a recorder with two or more channels; makes continuous records of two or more signals simultaneously
oscillograph - a device for making a record of the wave forms of fluctuating voltages or currents
playback - electronic equipment comprising the part of a tape recorder that reproduces the recorded material
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Contract notice: supply of audio-visual recording equipment (turret cameras, video mixer, sound recording equipment, lighting and additional audio-visual equipment) .
The thieves stole radio recording equipment and held it until the victim handed over PS200.
Dawson Geophysical Company (NASDAQ: DWSN), a provider of United States onshore seismic data acquisition services in the lower 48 states of the United States, has placed a contract for 12,000 channels of the Geospace single-channel GSX cable-less recording equipment.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 14, 2012-TGC Industries Inc acquires additional wireless recording equipment for undisclosed amount(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
BAHRAIN Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC) yesterday signed an agreement with Sony Middle East and North Africa to buy hi-tech recording equipment.
Besides potentially improved exports in 2009, Canford Group also has hopes of making progress on a new digital version of the police interview recording equipment it makes under the Neal brand.
Principal Marcos Aguilar apologized to the station, but explained that his academy, like many other elementary schools, is continually on the alert for child predators, and the incident was an over-reaction to the presence of a stranger with recording equipment.
As patrons took their seats at the gala marking "International Day of Solidarity with the Bolshoi Theater" on March 28, 2002, security staff at the theater turned away two men carrying large bags full of recording equipment.
For me it's my favorite piece of recording equipment.
In a letter to two prominent music industry lobbyists, the congressman invoked the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992, which taxes recording equipment and storage media, passing the take along to record companies.
Ideally, nystagmus recording equipment should be computer-based.
I'd never recommend one person do it [alone] because they'd end up throwing the recording equipment off the Mountainside," says Stark's colleague Danielle J.

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