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Noun1.recording machine - equipment for making recordsrecording machine - equipment for making records  
black box - equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight
cassette recorder - a recorder for recording or playing cassettes
CD burner, compact-disk burner - recording equipment for making compact disks
equipment - an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
magnetic recorder - recorder consisting of equipment for making records on magnetic media
multichannel recorder - a recorder with two or more channels; makes continuous records of two or more signals simultaneously
oscillograph - a device for making a record of the wave forms of fluctuating voltages or currents
playback - electronic equipment comprising the part of a tape recorder that reproduces the recorded material
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Delightfully the stories rolled on but even when I switched off my recording machine many anecdotes later, he had no intention of ending our chat.
also to look forward to are The Lathe Project with portable 78 recording machine wax cylinder, Mr Fisher the weekend dJ and Mr drayton's record player in a cave, a summer solstice midnight surprise, free camping, plumbed-in toilets, great beach/forest walks by the farm,children's games, hay bales, a big bona fide campfire, a new flower garden and lots of park-park ing space on the farm and a safe environment near the quaint beach at Hawthorn, near Easington.
The electrodes are connected the entire time to a recording machine, which is used to identify the source of the epilepsy during seizures.
An ECG recording machine picks up the electrical signals that make your heart beat.
As well as Victorian wardrobes, dressers and dining tables, there are more obscure objects from the 20th century which could be of interest to collectors including a 1950s television set in a period cabinet and a large old reel-to-reel tape recording machine.
Unfortunately, Sam can't physically write himself and uses a special recording machine to dictate.
However their telephone recording machine or emails do not elicit a response.
1) Josephson asserts: 'Grainger was attacked for his suspect recording machine and for the complexity of his transcriptions,' (2) Both imply that this 'opposition' to Grainger represented at best an unthinking conservatism and at worst a conscious attempt to cover up collecting and publishing practices that were not only shoddy but dishonest.
8220;With the Pix 220i and 240i you're getting a monitor and a recording machine you know you can rely on without having to carry two devices,” says Talamas product specialist, Mike Duca.
He worked for the Gramophone and Typewriter Company and was in Italy hoping to persuade famous artists to try out his new recording machine.
Nobody needs a dedicated recording machine when the phone can record video.

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