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v. re·couped, re·coup·ing, re·coups
a. To get back; recover or regain: recoup a loss; recoup one's dignity.
b. To gain an amount equal to (an outlay or investment): expected to recoup the development costs in three years.
c. To restore; replenish: "urged [her] to catch up on sleep and recoup her utterly spent resources" (Bernard Lown).
2. To reimburse (someone) for a loss or expenditure.
3. Law To reduce (the amount of a monetary claim made by a party in a legal action) because of a failure of that party to perform an obligation under the contract or law related to the claim.
To recover from loss or exhaustion; recuperate: needed to recoup after the strenuous campaign.

[Middle English recoupen, to cut short, from Old French recouper, to cut back : re-, re- + couper, to cut (from coup, blow; see coup).]

re·coup′a·ble adj.
re·coup′ment n.
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The "maximum increased recoupment ratio" will not exceed 22.
4)-Godhra- Nagda Section: Through Ballast Recoupment Of Existing Ballast Laid Under 60 Kg Rails And Prc Sleeper By Deep Screening And Recoupment Of Ballast To The Existing Standard Of 30 Cm Tbr=29.
The proposed rules would require each listed company to develop and disclose a compensation recoupment, or "clawback," policy that mandates the recovery of excess incentive-based compensation received by an executive officer when the company corrects erroneous financial data by preparing an accounting statement.
The trade creditors opposed this relief and invoked their state law setoff and recoupment rights to apply their obligations on account of the credits first towards their less valuable general unsecured claims, thereby allowing them to maximize recoveries on their Section 503(b)(9) priority claims.
The IRC also discussed two other schemes, including the proposal for the recoupment of stone apron along SH bund and recouping of stone apron along guide bank of Thatta-Sujawal Bridge with an estimated cost of Rs.
For many SNFs, it's a matter of when, not if, the facility will be subject to an audit and subsequent recoupment activity.
If they come back to you with a big recoupment or a really broad request, you may want to think about getting legal help.
A letter of rebuttal--a formal statement as to why the recoupment should not take place--is ideal when the wrong doctor or practice has been audited or the audit violates state rules on look-back timelines.
The complexity of applying common law doctrines to bankruptcy cases is apparent when a defendant invokes the defense of recoupment to reduce his liability against a bankrupt plaintiff's claim.
An action for recoupment is based on a negligence theory of liability, but it does not require establishing that an executive's conduct caused the financial institution any harm.
Buckingham has the right to assert its compulsory counterclaim in recoupment for tortious interference with contract by virtue of the filing of this action against it by the United States," the company said in an October filing.
At a lesser level, if the Department could just defray even a small percentage of program costs through recoupment of expenditures, we would be much better off.