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v. re·cov·ered, re·cov·er·ing, re·cov·ers
a. To get back (something lost or taken away), especially by making an effort: recovered his keys near the water cooler; recovered the ball in the end zone.
b. To search for, find, and bring back: divers recovered the body; researchers recovering fossils.
c. To get back control or possession of (land) by military conquest or legal action.
a. To have (the use, possession, or control of something) restored: recovered the use of his fingers.
b. To regain the use of (a faculty) or be restored to (a normal or usual condition): recovered his wits after hearing the news; recovered his health after treatment.
c. To cause to be restored to a normal or usual condition: After two weeks on the medicine, he was fully recovered.
3. To discover or be able to follow (a trail or scent) after losing it.
a. To procure (usable substances, such as metal) from unusable substances, such as ore or waste.
b. To bring (land) into or return to a suitable condition for use; reclaim.
5. To bring under observation again: "watching the comet since it was first recovered—first spotted since its 1910 visit" (Christian Science Monitor).
1. To regain a normal or usual condition, as of health: a patient who recovered from the flu; businesses that recovered quickly from the recession.
2. To receive a favorable judgment in a lawsuit.

[Middle English recoveren, from Old French recoverer, from Latin recuperāre; see recuperate.]

re·cov′er·a·ble adj.
re·cov′er·er n.
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Noun1.recoverer - someone who saves something from danger or violencerecoverer - someone who saves something from danger or violence
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
salvager, salvor - someone who salvages
succorer, succourer - someone who gives help in times of need or distress or difficulty
References in classic literature ?
Then and there, on that Marshalsea pavement, in the shades of evening, did Mr Pancks, of all mankind, fly over the head and shoulders of Mr Rugg of Pentonville, General Agent, Accountant, and Recoverer of Debts.
Thus, we managed to exclude cases of commencement of enforcement proceedings, when the debtor's payment of his debts was made during the transfer of the enforcement document from the recoverer to the bailiff," said Dmitry Grishin.
Table-II: Summary demographic clinical and laboratory data for Renal recoverer vs.
The chip recoverer regains the two chip streams from the I-Q input signals.
But the emotional farewell has turned out to be short-lived as the leukaemia recoverer is back at the club - this time attempting to make an impact from the sidelines.
The pipelines will run from the Kambesah Well Recoverer Structure to the Kutz TA platform and the Ixtoc-A platform.
Moreover, de Man refers to Ricoeur's statement on Freud showing him as "the rhetorical undoer and the hermeneutic recoverer of the self (de Man, "Self (Pygmalion)," p.