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Noun1.recreation facility - a public facility for recreation
facility, installation - a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry; "the assembly plant is an enormous facility"
lido - a recreational facility including a swimming pool for water sports
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Smud s Power Generation Department Will Release Separate Invitation For Bid (ifb) Packages For Recreation Facility Construction.
He said the centre has well established academic, research and recreation facility and was rearing the endangered species of plants to save it from getting extinct, while a unique Quranic garden contains all the plants mentioned in the Holly Quran.
The Eugene YMCA is considering replacing its Patterson Street recreation facility either at the Civic Stadium site or at Roosevelt Middle School in an arrangement with the Eugene School District, which is considering replacing the aging middle school.
Recreation facility management; design, development, operations, and utilization.
The scheme on Chester Road includes a sport and recreation facility, hotel and conferencing facilities, student accommodation and University Square.
It is ideally suited for a bank, health and fitness club, eat-in restaurant, automobile showroom, car care center or even an indoor recreation facility.
Neighborhood residents consider the public swimming pool to be a crucial part of the Lanark Recreation Center, the only park and recreation facility within several miles of Canoga Park.
Greater Sudbury could be home to a new multi-sport, multi-season recreation facility at Adanac ski hill, but city council has to come up with $3 million to make it happen.
in a health care setting, work site, community center, neighborhood, recreation facility, home, school), and the method of intervention delivery (e.
Lynch indicated that the company was not only building a technologically advanced motor manufacturing facility, but would be leasing nine acres of the site to the city for use as a new community recreation facility, including new baseball and soccer fields.
recreation facility providing swimming and fitness opportunities.
On completion, the resort will feature: 7,500 hotel rooms across eight separate luxury hotels 155ha of recreation facilities, including 18 - hole international standard golf course and community sports and recreation facility World class casino One of the world s largest aquariums A 25,000 sqm convention and exhibition centre A 12.

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