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intr.v. re·cru·desced, re·cru·desc·ing, re·cru·desc·es
To break out anew or come into renewed activity, as after a period of quiescence.

[Latin recrūdēscere, to grow raw again : re-, re- + crūdēscere, to get worse (from crūdus, raw; see kreuə- in Indo-European roots).]

re′cru·des′cence n.
re′cru·des′cent adj.


the process of renewal or rebirth. — recrudescent, adj.
See also: Processes
the process of renewal or rebirth. — recrudescent, adj.
See also: Birth
the return of an illness after a period of remission. — recrudescent, adj.
See also: Disease and Illness
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Noun1.recrudescence - a return of something after a period of abatement; "a recrudescence of racism"; "a recrudescence of the symptoms"
outbreak, irruption, eruption - a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition); "the outbreak of hostilities"


[ˌriːkruːˈdesns] N (liter) → recrudescencia f, recrudecimiento m


n. recrudescencia, relapso, reaparición de síntomas.
References in classic literature ?
He had been to the working-class picnics too often in his earlier life not to know what they were like, and as he entered the park he experienced a recrudescence of all the old sensations.
Martin had enjoyed the fight, with a recrudescence of the old fighting thrills.
The lion was forgotten--her own peril--everything save the wondrous miracle of this strange recrudescence.
Fancy might have regarded the act as the recrudescence of a trick in which her armed progenitors were not unpractised.
He still had recrudescence of geniality, but they were largely periodical and forced, and they were usually due to the cocktails he took prior to meal-time.
And the dwindling shreds of the humanity still startled me every now and then,--a momentary recrudescence of speech perhaps, an unexpected dexterity of the fore-feet, a pitiful attempt to walk erect.
A recrudescence of anger glinted in Weedon Scott's grey eyes, and he muttered savagely, "The beast
Remained Balatta, who, from the time she found him and poked his blue eyes open to recrudescence of her grotesque female hideousness, had continued his adorer.
he cried in his undertone, with a sudden recrudescence of anxiety.
A blinding sunlight drowned all this at times in a sudden recrudescence of glare.
Evoquant la recrudescence sans precedent des menaces terroristes a l'echelle internationale et regionale en raison notamment de la poursuite des conflits armes dans plusieurs pays arabes et de l'amplification des activites des organisations terroristes, Youssef Chahed a estime que cette situation a accentue la menace terroriste contre la Tunisie, comme en temoignent, a-t-il dit, les tentatives recurrentes d'infiltration des terroristes et la persistance de l'organisation "Daech" a mettre un pied en Afrique du Nord vu sa proximite de l'Afrique subsaharienne et de l'espace europeen.
Le cancer du sein connait une recrudescence parmi la population soutiendra le Dr Amina Abdelwahab, senologue au CPMC d'Alger.