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abbreviation for
(Commerce) receipt


1. receipt.
2. rectangle.
3. rectangular.
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Links to the contacts company web site or the di rect URLs of individual pages are provided.
81 SQ and RECT traps, 127 mm CW for the HEX trap, and 137 mm CW for the 5.
forms when nitrogen oxides (from power plants and other sources) and hydrocarbons (from sources such as gasoline and paint thinner) rect with oxygen in the presence of sunlight.
selec corr Frida rect entries received by ay, March 23.
The firm are launching four new routes, including a di rect ser v ic e f rom Aberdeen to London Gatwick.
THE assertion that ``EU red tape will engulf business , say Tories'' (Post April 23)is ab solutely cor- rect.
The lawsuit is based on calculating the value of real property in a more timely manner to accurately reflect the rect downtrend.