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1. Having the shape of a rectangle.
2. Having right angles or a rectangular base, side, or sides: a rectangular box.
3. Designating a geometric coordinate system with mutually perpendicular axes.

rec·tan′gu·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
rec·tan′gu·lar·ly adv.
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Noun1.rectangularity - the property of being shaped like a rectangle
angularity - the property possessed by a shape that has angles
orthogonality - the quality of lying or intersecting at right angles
perpendicularity - the quality of being at right angles to a given line or plane (especially the plane of the horizon)
squareness - the property of being shaped like a square
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However, with the scan rate increasing, the effective interaction between the ions and the electrode gradually reduced, the deviation from rectangularity of the CV becomes obvious.
At the basin level, all shape variables, except rectangularity, were significantly different (Table 2; Fig.
Despite the fact that the rectangularity of these lakes has been greatly stressed, many of them are, in fact, elliptical.
They're not really similar-looking, given the solid rectangularity of the original Range Rover and the swooping wedge shapes of the Evoque, but a similarity of purpose comes through clearly.
Note that the joint coordinates were different from the visual coordinates in order to compensate for the rectangularity of the monitor.
As well documented in Frank's book, his native state's rectitudinous rectangularity has morphed from its early radical progressivism to its current radical conservatism.
The section map showing the town of Tulare and adjacent homesteads and ranches is a fine illustration of the diagonal tilt oriented by the railroad and superimposed upon the north-south and east-west rectangularity of the grid lines.
Guitar's exemplary hybridity (between painting and object, between relief and readymade, between virtual and architectural space) seemingly has to be tamed and repictorialized, placed beside a large, framed collage that reinforces rectangularity.
The X-axis is fitted with drive and linear measuring systems on each side to avoid measuring errors caused by twisting, rectangularity deviations, and contouring errors.
There is also a passing resemblance between the southern wing of the 'Governor's Palace', with its rectangularity and subdivisions, and the masonry warehouses found down-river at Pudding Lane and Peninsula House.
As usual with Steiner schools, there was a demand to avoid strict rectangularity, and resulting gentle variations confer on each polygonal room a particular character while allowing advantage to be taken of a corner, an annexe, a step in plan or whatever.