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(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) pathol a protrusion or herniation of the rectum into the vagina
[C19: New Latin, from rectum + -cele]


(ˈrɛk təˌsil)

a hernia of the rectum into the vagina.
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Noun1.rectocele - protrusion or herniation of the rectum into the vagina; can occur if pelvic muscles are weakened by childbirth
colpocele, vaginocele - hernia projecting into the vagina


n. rectocele, hernia del recto con protrusión en la vagina.


n rectocele m
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A 73 year old Caucasian female with a history of cholecystectomy, hysterectomy, and most recently a rectocele repair 6 months prior, was imaged by CT to evaluate possible hydronephrosis.
Similarly stage 3 and 4 colpocele and rectocele were observed in 30% and 33% of the colpocele and rectocele observed, respectively (Table 2).
Rectocele repair should not preclude the use of mesh, however, especially when a prior nonmesh repair has failed.
Other diagnoses included ongoing issues post haemorrhoidectomy, bowel cancer, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, myeloma, coeliac disease, rectocele, thyroid dysfunction, gastrooesaphageal reflux disease, slow transit colon, hernias and sub-acute bowel obstruction.
A "site-specific" rectocele repair involves the reapproximation of discrete rents in the rectovaginal fascia instead of a midline plication.
7) It is obvious that prolapse of the rectum, including rectocele, falls within the scope of the colorectal surgeon.
Possible: Cysocele and Rectocele (weakness of the vaginal wall, which allows the bladder or rectum to bulge into the vagina, causing leakage of urine), Prolapse, Stroke, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis
Being overweight or obese at baseline was highly associated with the progression of cystocele, rectocele, and uterine prolapse during a 5-year period, but women who lost weight did not experience a significant regression of pelvic organ prolapse (POP), Dr.
Some respondents wrote in what they felt to be indications for rectovaginal examination, which included patients over 50, a retroverted uterus, postmenopausal, women over 40, pelvic pain, endometriosis, bleeding of unknown source, dyspareunia, postpartum, and assessments for rectocele.
Hadra is credited with being the first surgeon in the world to recognize the relationship of the diaphragm to rectocele and cystocele and to devise an operation for correction of these conditions (22).
I have been very fortunate to have been very upbeat and cheerful most of my life, until I reached the age of 74 and had surgery to repair a rectocele.
IF the rectum bulges into the back of the vaginal wall, it is called a rectocele.