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n. coloproctitis, infl. del colon y del recto.
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This clinical form is associated in a significant number of cases with haemorrhagic rectocolitis (6).
enrolled patients with benign colon diseases, such as diverticulosis, benign polyps, Crohn disease, ulcerative rectocolitis, and colonic endometriosis, and analyzed peripheral blood samples with both the CellSearch system and the EPISPOT assay.
Las personas infectadas se dividen en dos grupos de acuerdo con sus manifestaciones clinicas: 90% son asintomaticos (portadores sanos) y 10% son sintomaticos principalmente a nivel intestinal (disenteria amebiana, rectocolitis aguda, colitis no disenterica cronica, ameboma) y extraintestinal (absceso hepatico amebiano -AHA-, absceso cerebral, enfermedad genitourinaria y cutanea).