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Adj.1.rectosigmoid - of or related to or near the sigmoid colon and the upper part of the rectum


a. rectosigmoide, rel. al sigmoide y al recto.
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Mural soft tissue thickening of rectosigmoid area was also noted which was approximately 10.
Histopathological study of the gastric and rectosigmoid mucosa by aspiration biopsy.
CRC patients underwent radical colorectal surgery as follows: anterior rectosigmoid resection (8/20), left hemicolectomy (1/20), right hemicolectomy (6/20), sigmoid colon resection (2/20), abdominoperineal rectal amputation (1/20), transverse colon resection (1/20), and colectomy (1/20).
Three patients had cholangiocarcinoma, and one patient each had rectosigmoid carcinoma and carcinoma of the head of the pancreas.
The ileum and appendix are the most affected sites following the rectosigmoid region.
Descending and rectosigmoid colon are the most commonly involved sites of the large intestine.
EIMs were previously shown to behave quite similarly; In CD patients, no correlation was observed between disease distribution and EIMs, whereas in UC patients, EIMs were significantly more associated with pancolitis than with isolated rectosigmoid disease (11).
Higher average age was found to have high tendency to acquire colorectal adenocarcinoma and rectosigmoid was the most important site.
Following these observations, exploratory laparotomy has been performed, with left adnexectomy and segmental resection of rectosigmoid junction, considered as necessary due to deep, profound infiltration and severe symptomatology.
Figure 1, A through D, shows a needle biopsy of single left lower lobe lung nodule from a 73-year-old man, who was a long-term smoker, with a history of a biopsy-proven rectosigmoid colon adenocarcinoma 1 month before the lung biopsy.