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n. pl. rec·tri·ces (rĕk′trĭ-sēz′, rĕk-trī′sēz)
One of the stiff main feathers of a bird's tail, used to stabilize the bird while in flight and to control its direction.

[Latin rēctrīx, feminine of rēctor, director; see rector.]


n, pl rectrices (ˈrɛktrɪˌsiːz; rɛkˈtraɪsiːz)
(Zoology) any of the large stiff feathers of a bird's tail, used in controlling the direction of flight
[C17: from Late Latin, feminine of rector governor, rector]
rectricial adj


(ˈrɛk trɪks)

n., pl. rec•tri•ces (rɛkˈtraɪ siz, ˈrɛk trəˌsiz)
one of the tail feathers of a bird controlling direction during flight.
[1760–70; < Latin rēctrīx, feminine of rēctor rector; see -trix]
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Anting and non-anting crows were in various stages of molting remiges and rectrices at the time of the observations.
69" O, altitud 749 m); se trata de un individuo hembra de zanate mexicano (Quiscalus mexicanus) con leucismo parcial, el cual presentaba las dos plumas rectrices centrales sin pigmentacion melanica (plumas blanquecinas).
The family usually inhabits the ventral and dorsal portions of remiges and rectrices, which are easy-to-sample microhabitats for those examining birds (Proctor, 2003).
The back is pale grey, chest paler and white throat, outer rectrices white, wing bar white is wide.
Winglike panels extend from the spine like leaves of a book catching a draft of air, while the fringed rectrices of the wall-mounted work's lower anatomy dangle below them.
De cada individuo capturado se registraron las medidas morfometricas de peso, longitud de ala, rectrices, tarso-metatarso, largo y ancho del pico empleando una balanza (Pesola) [+ or -] 0,3 de precision y un calibrador digital ([+ o -] 0,01 mm).
2009) found that tail length and the extent of black on the outermost rectrices were the best predictors of sex in northern shrikes (Lanius excubitor) on the basis of their discriminant function analysis (DFA).
Se registro el sexo y las siguientes medidas bilaterales (lado derecho e izquierdo) en cada animal: longitud de las rectrices externas, longitud del ala y longitud de la segunda primaria.
Both females had started moulting and were replacing primaries 1 -3, but retained all of their old rectrices.
Adults of both sexes are mostly black with green-tinged back and wing-coverts, and white lower flanks and outer rectrices.
Nos fijaremos en el estado de las plumas mas largar, y en las rectrices.
Camberlin son dard, Baruglio son aile gauche, on tourne, Baruglio examine ses yeux, son, bec, ses antennes, Pierpont sa nageoire droite, Zeiger sa queue aplatie en truelle, Cambrelin son flanc gauche, on tourne, Cambrelin examine ses yeux, ses barbillons, ses cornes, Baruglio son ouie droite, Pierpont ses rectrices, Zeiger son bras gauche, on se regarde, certes, il faudrait pour bien faire dissequer Palafox.