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n. pl. rec·ti (-tī′)
Any of various straight muscles, as of the abdomen, eye, neck, and thigh.

[New Latin (mūsculus) rēctus, from Latin, straight (muscle); see rectum.]


n, pl -ti (-taɪ)
(Anatomy) anatomy a straight muscle, esp either of two muscles of the anterior abdominal wall (rectus abdominis)
[C18: from New Latin rectus musculus]


(ˈrɛk təs)

n., pl. -ti (-tī).
any of several straight muscles, esp. of the abdomen, thigh, or eye.
[1695–1705; < New Latin rēctus (musculus) straight (muscle)]
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Noun1.rectus - any of various straight musclesrectus - any of various straight muscles  
muscle, musculus - one of the contractile organs of the body


L. músculo recto;
___ musclesmúsculos ___, grupo de músculos rectos tales como los situados alrededor del ojo y en la pared abdominal.
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By reducing the problems of back pain and incontinence, abdominoplasty with rectus repair leads to a better life for women after childbearing," Dr.
A variety of surgical plans have been described including two, three or four horizontal rectus muscles recession and resections with or without adjustable suture technique.
Diastasis recti, a common musculoskeletal condition, commonly found during and after pregnancy,1-3 is a separation of the two bellies of the rectus abdominis muscles along the linea alba,1 creating a ridge that runs along the length of the abdomen.
Here, we reported a rare case that localized in the left lateral rectus.
Unlike the MUS, a short (8-10 cm) graft of rectus fascia (or fascia lata) is positioned at the bladder neck, with the ends of the graft incorporating into the endopelvic fascia and eventually becoming fixed by fibrosis in the retropubic space.
Finally, direct implantation of electrodes to heart surface through small mini sternotomy and placing PPM in rectus sheath worked.
The patient was diagnosed with sixth nerve palsy and 18 months after trauma, he underwent right medial rectus muscle recession.
One likely possibility is that you have irritated either the rectus femoris tendon or one of the surrounding bursae (protective fluid sac).
Other problems may be hemorrhoids, queefing or varting, fissures, fistulas, and diastasis rectus abdominis.
A haematoma in the right lower rectus sheath was demonstrated on the CT scan of the abdomen (Figures 2 and 3).
MRI revealed thickening of the lateral rectus muscle together with contrast enhancement (Figure 2).
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