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1. Occurring or appearing again or repeatedly.
2. Anatomy Turning in a reverse direction. Used of blood vessels and nerves.

re·cur′rent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.recurrently - in a recurrent manner
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Drosophila is a powerful model organism to discover gene networks and test gene function in vivo, and has recurrently led to discoveries relevant to human health.
Although these views have been recurrently voiced out through the course of the past four years, and are of course becoming extremely popular nowadays, they actually reflect sheer ignorance of the origins of the January revolution and of the different proceedings that occurred in the events of Mohamed Mahmoud.
The atrocities committed on the Sikhs in 1984 and on the Muslims recurrently because of communalism are an utter disgrace to our state and society.
The same scene of bomb blast appears before my eyes recurrently whether sitting in
Translating his words, ordinary citizens stood in long lines at clinics after the incident donating blood for the injured, in a stance of recurrently replayed solidarity.
It is imperative that one is aware of its clinical manifestations on acute ingestion and that it may potentially cause chronic renal impairment when recurrently applied to unprotected skin.
Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies publishes a LIRA recurrently in the third week after each quarter's closing.
The consumption rate of reagent is higher as they are disposable in nature, recurrently used and purchased frequently.
It is only most recently that the recurrently volatile state of parts of the Middle East has been reflected again in the oil market, as Opec officials last week were able to express satisfaction in prices comfortably balanced for exporters and customers alike.
The song featured heavily during the 1986 series of Spitting Image, playing recurrently in the background, and being hummed by characters.
Sorrowfully, Pakistanis are depicting it more recurrently than ever.
The SMARCA4 gene - previously associated with lung, brain and pancreatic cancer - was the only recurrently mutated gene in the study's samples.