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tr. & intr.v. re·curved, re·curv·ing, re·curves
To curve (something) backward or downward or become curved backward or downward.

[Latin recurvāre : re-, re- + curvāre, to curve (from curvus, curve; see curve).]

re′cur·va′tion (rē′kûr-vā′shən) n.
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The results of physical examination were as follows: anterior drawer test, valgus stress test at 30 flexion, and McMurray findings were positive; posterior drawer test, varus stress test, external rotation recurvation test, quadriceps active test, posterolateral drawer test, and dial test were negative.
Knee joint recurvation is among motor disorders in ICP patient (Kutuzov, 1996).
Both medical and surgical methods of orthopedic treatment are used upon rehabilitation of ICP patients with the knee joint recurvation (Belova, 2000; Bosykh, 2003; Doderlain and Wolf, 2004, Gage, 2004).
Among these transformations are aggregation, fusion, overtopping, reduction, recurvation (Fig.
The elongation and recurvation of the sperm tube posterior to the junction of the oviduct and pallial oviduct in Geomelania is unique in the Rissooidea and is therefore considered derived; this feature was seen in all eight Geomelania species dissected [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4A OMITTED].
Criteria Excellent Good NO 1 Non-unions, Osteitis, amputations None None 2 Neurovascular Disturbances None Minimal 3 Deformity Varus/valgus None 2-5 Anteroversion 2-5 6-1 Recurvation 2-5 6-1 Rotation 2-5 6-1 4 Shortening 0-5mm 6-10mm 5 Mobility Knee Normal >80% Ankle Normal >75% Subtalar >75% >50% 6 Pin None Occasonal 7 Gait Normal Normal 8 Strenuous activities Possible limited Sl.
These are: pseudomonopodial or monopodial branching; a basically helical arrangement of branches; small, "pinnulelike" vegetative branches (non-planate in basal taxa); recurvation of branch apices; sporangia in pairs grouped into terminal trusses; and multicellular appendages (spines).
33% Recurvation None 30 100% MOVEMENTS KNEE ANKLE SUBTALAR Normal 24 25 >80% 4 >75% 2 1 26 50-75% 3 1 <50% 0 3 Note: Table made from bar graph.