red hot

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hot - a frankfurter served hot on a bun
frankfurter, weenie, wienerwurst, wiener, frank, hot dog, hotdog, dog - a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked; often served on a bread roll
frankfurter bun, hotdog bun - a long bun shaped to hold a frankfurter
sandwich - two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them
chili dog - a hotdog with chili con carne on it
References in classic literature ?
With The Black Wolf dead, and may the devil pull out his eyes with red hot tongs, we might look farther and fare worse, mates, in search of a chief," spoke Red Shandy, eyeing his fellows, "for verily any man, be he but a stripling, who can vanquish six such as we, be fit to command us.
As he spoke, he laid his long forefinger on the scarlet letter, which forthwith seemed to scorch into Hester's breast, as if it had been red hot.
For if, in its perihelion, it should approach within a certain degree of the sun (as by their calculations they have reason to dread) it will receive a degree of heat ten thousand times more intense than that of red hot glowing iron, and in its absence from the sun, carry a blazing tail ten hundred thousand and fourteen miles long, through which, if the earth should pass at the distance of one hundred thousand miles from the nucleus, or main body of the comet, it must in its passage be set on fire, and reduced to ashes: that the sun, daily spending its rays without any nutriment to supply them, will at last be wholly consumed and annihilated; which must be attended with the destruction of this earth, and of all the planets that receive their light from it.
And all the time, as we were pitching it in red hot, we were keeping the women off him as best we could for they were as wild as harpies.
The tire of each wheel was taken off; a band of wood was nailed round the exterior of the felloes, the tire was then made red hot, replaced round the wheel, and suddenly cooled with water.
When Kerchak came to a halt a short distance from the cabin and discovered that he still held the rifle, he dropped it as he might have dropped a red hot iron, nor did he again attempt to recover it--the noise was too much for his brute nerves; but he was now quite convinced that the terrible stick was quite harmless by itself if left alone.
The Ingram Park Nissan Red Hot Used Car Clearance event is offering some of the best pre-owned vehicles available in the dealership's inventory at unbelievably minimal prices.
Emmy Wilde, of Fenay Bridge; Martine Stephenson, of Lindley; Laura Robertshaw, of Holmfirth and Freyja Carney of Golcar all donned their best risque vintage service uniforms to become the November stars on the West Yorkshire Red Hot Sirens Calendar, which is fundraising for the Firefighters Charity and other good causes.
Following a voluntary closure and a deep clean of the restaurant, Red Hot World Buffet re-opened to the public late last week, so we headed down there to see what lessons, if any, had been learnt.
jsp) According to Ace Hardware, the company's Thanksgiving 2014 Week Sale includes Red Hot Buys such as the DeWalt 18 Volt Cordless Impact Driver (DC825KS) for $89.
Already boasting a portfolio of clients that includes Rolex, Bodas, Claudia Schiffer, River Island, Merc and Larsson & Jennings, Red Hot Penny will tailor its offering to provide unique, high-performance solutions that challenge the boundaries of traditional ecommerce.
Managing director Blackett said: "2014 looks set to be a great year for Red Hot Sunglasses.