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tr.v. red·bait·ed, red·bait·ing, red·baits
To accuse, denounce, or attack (a person, for example) as a Communist or a Communist sympathizer.

red′bait′er n.
red′bait′ing n.


vb (tr)
to harass communists or people with left-wing beliefs



to accuse a person or group of being communistic or communist.
red′bait`er, n.
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One couldn't help but be politicized in the conflict between the socalled Free World and the Communist bloc I was one of those put under surveillance by the military intelligence, attested to by Boni Gillego, and Redbaited by some from the religious community led by a Jesuit priest.
But the two organizations never had a close relationship, and, after World War II, the URWEA redbaited Local 65 out of the international.
The region's political and economic elites race- and redbaited the effort, which stands to this day as one of organized labor's great failures.
Similarly, when SNCC began to move in more radical directions after Freedom Summer, it was redbaited and donations declined from liberal groups, who were trained in the lock-step anticommunism of the era.
I was redbaited to a farethee-well because of my stand on blacks and on the Vietnam War.
As it was, she edited the Timber Worker, without the credit of being the editor, until she was redbaited out.
Instead they funded the openly right-wing Heritage Foundation, which redbaited liberal leaders; championed Star Wars, supply-side economics and school vouchers; and assailed welfare, abortion rights and affirmative action.
Tenayuca, a Communist Party member and leader of the 1938 pecan sheller's strike in San Antonio, was redbaited in a Time magazine arti cle that described her as "a slim, vivacious labor organizer with black eyes and a Red philosophy.
For those unfamiliar with the Media Whores site, this is a bit like being redbaited by Lillian Hellman.
Still, its leaders were redbaited and attacked on numerous occasions by studio heads who wanted to free themselves of the union's yoke.
Forty years ago the movement had reason, in the specter of Hoover's FBI, to fear being redbaited out of existence.
Not only had the CCF been wildly redbaited in much of the BC press leading up to the campaign, Ernest Winch's struggle at the Regina CCF Convention against the "reformism" and "constitutionalism" of the Regina Manifesto had been widely reported.