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redd 1

tr.v. redd·ed also redd, redd·ing, redds Chiefly Pennsylvania
To clear: redd the dinner table.
Phrasal Verb:
redd up
To tidy: redded up the front room.

[Middle English dialectal redden, variant (probably influenced by Middle English redden, to free (from an encumbrance), rescue) of Middle English riddan, to clear (an area, a way), clear out; see rid.]
Our Living Language The terms redd and redd up came to the American Midlands from the many Scottish immigrants who settled there. In the meaning "to clear an area or to make it tidy," redd is still used in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the United States, the word is especially common in Pennsylvania as part of the phrasal verb redd up.

redd 2

A spawning nest made by a fish, especially a salmon or trout.

[Origin unknown.]


(rɛd) or


vb, redds, redding, redd or redded
(often foll by: up) to bring order to; tidy (up)
the act or an instance of redding
[C15 redden to clear, perhaps a variant of rid]
ˈredder n


(Zoology) a hollow in sand or gravel on a river bed, scooped out as a spawning place by salmon, trout, or other fish
[C17 (originally: spawn): of obscure origin]



v.t. redd redd•ed, redd•ing. Dial.
to put in order; tidy.
[before 900; Middle English (Scots): to rid, free, clear, Old English hreddan to rescue (c. Old Frisian hredda, German retten); akin to ready]


the spawning area of trout or salmon.


Past participle: redd/redded
Gerund: redding

I redd
you redd
he/she/it redds
we redd
you redd
they redd
I redd/redded
you redd/redded
he/she/it redd/redded
we redd/redded
you redd/redded
they redd/redded
Present Continuous
I am redding
you are redding
he/she/it is redding
we are redding
you are redding
they are redding
Present Perfect
I have redd/redded
you have redd/redded
he/she/it has redd/redded
we have redd/redded
you have redd/redded
they have redd/redded
Past Continuous
I was redding
you were redding
he/she/it was redding
we were redding
you were redding
they were redding
Past Perfect
I had redd/redded
you had redd/redded
he/she/it had redd/redded
we had redd/redded
you had redd/redded
they had redd/redded
I will redd
you will redd
he/she/it will redd
we will redd
you will redd
they will redd
Future Perfect
I will have redd/redded
you will have redd/redded
he/she/it will have redd/redded
we will have redd/redded
you will have redd/redded
they will have redd/redded
Future Continuous
I will be redding
you will be redding
he/she/it will be redding
we will be redding
you will be redding
they will be redding
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been redding
you have been redding
he/she/it has been redding
we have been redding
you have been redding
they have been redding
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been redding
you will have been redding
he/she/it will have been redding
we will have been redding
you will have been redding
they will have been redding
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been redding
you had been redding
he/she/it had been redding
we had been redding
you had been redding
they had been redding
I would redd
you would redd
he/she/it would redd
we would redd
you would redd
they would redd
Past Conditional
I would have redd/redded
you would have redd/redded
he/she/it would have redd/redded
we would have redd/redded
you would have redd/redded
they would have redd/redded
References in classic literature ?
So soon,' says he, 'as I am gone, and the house is redd up and the gear disposed of' (all which, Davie, hath been done), 'give my boy this letter into his hand, and start him off to the house of Shaws, not far from Cramond.
There is a risk that Australian companies could be fooled into thinking they are being green buying REDD offsets on a future carbon market, when a lack of transparency and poor forest management may mean that carbon emissions are really leaking from forests into the atmosphere.
The idea behind REDD is basically for developed countries to finance developing countries for maintaining their forests, which can act as carbon stores rather than allowing these forests to be destroyed.
In this article we examine these polemics using debates around REDD (2)--Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation--as an illustration of these tensions.
REDD is considered a relatively affordable emission-reduction strategy that could also protect tropical ecosystems and support rural communities.
A REDD mechanism would seek to provide incentives for developing countries to make those reductions.
REDD is expected to play a key role in the new global climate treaty to take effect after the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.
The absence of Redd is a tough loss for the Bucks (22-25), who currently hold the eighth and final play-off spot in the Eastern Conference.
Four others, including an off-duty firefighter, were injured in the crash that killed Phillips, who lost control of her car and plowed through the intersection of Roscoe and Reseda boulevards as she fled from Redd.
Miss Redd's son, Jedidiah Redd, who was 13 years old at the time of the murder, said: "Only when justice is carried out will my mother truly rest in peace.
For example, "Virginia's state attorney general has urged its public colleges not to use race as a criterion for admissions or aid, while Texas officials announced that they would begin to use race as a factor in admissions and (probably) financial assistance," Redd wrote.
As well as releasing her debut single, What You Need in July, Redd will be playing at Irn-Bru Live & Loud in Glasgow on June 16.