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redd 1

tr.v. redd·ed also redd, redd·ing, redds Chiefly Pennsylvania
To clear: redd the dinner table.
Phrasal Verb:
redd up
To tidy: redded up the front room.

[Middle English dialectal redden, variant (probably influenced by Middle English redden, to free (from an encumbrance), rescue) of Middle English riddan, to clear (an area, a way), clear out; see rid.]
Our Living Language The terms redd and redd up came to the American Midlands from the many Scottish immigrants who settled there. In the meaning "to clear an area or to make it tidy," redd is still used in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the United States, the word is especially common in Pennsylvania as part of the phrasal verb redd up.

redd 2

A spawning nest made by a fish, especially a salmon or trout.

[Origin unknown.]


(rɛd) or


vb, redds, redding, redd or redded
(often foll by: up) to bring order to; tidy (up)
the act or an instance of redding
[C15 redden to clear, perhaps a variant of rid]
ˈredder n


(Zoology) a hollow in sand or gravel on a river bed, scooped out as a spawning place by salmon, trout, or other fish
[C17 (originally: spawn): of obscure origin]



v.t. redd redd•ed, redd•ing. Dial.
to put in order; tidy.
[before 900; Middle English (Scots): to rid, free, clear, Old English hreddan to rescue (c. Old Frisian hredda, German retten); akin to ready]


the spawning area of trout or salmon.


Past participle: redd/redded
Gerund: redding

I redd
you redd
he/she/it redds
we redd
you redd
they redd
I redd/redded
you redd/redded
he/she/it redd/redded
we redd/redded
you redd/redded
they redd/redded
Present Continuous
I am redding
you are redding
he/she/it is redding
we are redding
you are redding
they are redding
Present Perfect
I have redd/redded
you have redd/redded
he/she/it has redd/redded
we have redd/redded
you have redd/redded
they have redd/redded
Past Continuous
I was redding
you were redding
he/she/it was redding
we were redding
you were redding
they were redding
Past Perfect
I had redd/redded
you had redd/redded
he/she/it had redd/redded
we had redd/redded
you had redd/redded
they had redd/redded
I will redd
you will redd
he/she/it will redd
we will redd
you will redd
they will redd
Future Perfect
I will have redd/redded
you will have redd/redded
he/she/it will have redd/redded
we will have redd/redded
you will have redd/redded
they will have redd/redded
Future Continuous
I will be redding
you will be redding
he/she/it will be redding
we will be redding
you will be redding
they will be redding
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been redding
you have been redding
he/she/it has been redding
we have been redding
you have been redding
they have been redding
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been redding
you will have been redding
he/she/it will have been redding
we will have been redding
you will have been redding
they will have been redding
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been redding
you had been redding
he/she/it had been redding
we had been redding
you had been redding
they had been redding
I would redd
you would redd
he/she/it would redd
we would redd
you would redd
they would redd
Past Conditional
I would have redd/redded
you would have redd/redded
he/she/it would have redd/redded
we would have redd/redded
you would have redd/redded
they would have redd/redded
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Redds widow, however, filed a federal wrongful death suit against federal investigators, charging that the aggressive actions of "federal agents inebriated with power and acting with no remorse" forced Redd to take his own life.
The many redds spotted by an aerial drone might yield enough fry to stock the whole river, providing sport for generations.
Even a single disturbed roadcut can sully a stream during a large rain event, smothering a redd in mud and literally suffocating salmon eggs before they've had a chance to hatch.
The sac fry develop and grow for an additional 6 to 8 weeks in the redds, drawing nutrients from their yolk sacs.
One measure of ecological success is the number of redds in the river, and surveys in certain river stretches found about 400 redds after the first dam came down.
0 mg/1 [up arrow] EPT Taxa >= [down arrow] Alkalinity 10HMFEI Score >42 <130 mg/1 [up arrow] Riffles: percent [down arrow] K, CA, Mn with redds >60 percent [down arrow] Bankfull With Ave [up arrow] Specific >1.
Resource managers are also concerned that nuisance blooms of didymo might inhibit adult Chinook salmon and steelhead from constructing redds or that didymo could restrict water flow through redds and impede delivery of oxygen to, and removal of metabolic wastes from, embryos and yolk-sac larvae.
He has amassed years of evidence to support his claim that canoeists and other river users are damaging salmon redds (nesting sites).
Biologists counted 11 redds upstream of the release point.
In both years, reintroduced bull trout were observed spawning in a headwater tributary, along with the identification of several redds, or nests--an encouraging finding for the early stages of this important bull trout recovery project.
Meyer and Weybright will be back next year to monitor potential increases in the number of salmon egg nests, or redds, in the channel.