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1. One who redeems.
2. Redeemer Christianity Jesus.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) The Redeemer Jesus Christ as having brought redemption to mankind


(rɪˈdi mər)

1. a person who redeems.
2. (cap.) Jesus Christ.
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Noun1.redeemer - a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in NazarethRedeemer - a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth; his life and sermons form the basis for Christianity (circa 4 BC - AD 29)
2.redeemer - someone who redeems or buys back (promissory notes or merchandise or commercial paper etc.)
money dealer, money handler - a person who receives or invests or pays out money
frelsarinn, endurlausnarinn


[rɪˈdiːməʳ] N (Rel) → Redentor m


[rɪˈdiːmər] n (= Christ) → Rédempteur m


n (Rel) → Erlöser m, → Retter m, → Heiland m


[rɪˈdiːməʳ] nRedentore m


(rəˈdiːm) verb
1. to buy back (something that has been pawned). I'm going to redeem my gold watch.
2. to set (a person) free by paying a ransom; (of Jesus Christ) to free (a person) from sin.
3. to compensate for or cancel out the faults of. His willingness to work redeemed him in her eyes.
Reˈdeemer noun
(often with the) Jesus Christ.
redemption (rəˈdempʃən) noun
the redemption of man by Christ.
past/beyond redemption
too bad to be redeemed or improved.
redeeming feature
a good quality that somewhat makes up for the bad qualities in a person or thing.
References in classic literature ?
Yet who can speak the simple joy with which some of those poor outcasts, to whom life was a joyless journey to a dark unknown, heard of a compassionate Redeemer and a heavenly home?
I could go back and be his comforter--his pride; his redeemer from misery, perhaps from ruin.
Easie it may be seen that I intend Mercie collegue with Justice, sending thee Mans Friend, his Mediator, his design'd Both Ransom and Redeemer voluntarie, And destin'd Man himself to judge Man fall'n.
But the strangest part of the story is," resumed the abbe, "that Dantes, even in his dying moments, swore by his crucified Redeemer, that he was utterly ignorant of the cause of his detention.
I am not alarmed," he replied; "I have too long foreseen this event, to feel alarmed at my approaching dissolution--no, for that, blessed be my God and my Redeemer, I am in some degree prepared; but I feel it impossible to shake off the feelings of this life while the pulse continues to beat, and yet the emotions I now experience must be in some measure allied to heaven; they are not impure, they are not selfish; nothing can partake of either, dear Charlotte, where your image is connected with the thoughts of a future world.
The true cross of the Redeemer was the sin and sorrow of this world-- that was what lay heavy on his heart--and that is the cross we shall share with him, that is the cup we must drink of with him, if we would have any part in that Divine Love which is one with his sorrow.
John,” said the divine, when the figure of Judge Temple disappeared, the last of the group, “to-morrow is the festival of the nativity of our blessed Redeemer, when the church has appointed prayers and thanksgivings to be offered up by her children, and when all are invited to partake of the mystical elements.
No, she put them in this pleasant Inquisition and pointed to the Blessed Redeemer, who was so gentle and so merciful toward all men, and they urged the barbarians to love him; and they did all they could to persuade them to love and honor him--first by twisting their thumbs out of joint with a screw; then by nipping their flesh with pincers--red-hot ones, because they are the most comfortable in cold weather; then by skinning them alive a little, and finally by roasting them in public.
It was to both their interests, but they ascribed it to a common love for their Redeemer.
Bethink ye how sad a thing it would be that the blood of the Redeemer should be spilled to no purpose.
The earth and the water were differ- ent; there were no images of the Redeemer by the roadside.
And how could I endure to be a man, if man were not also the composer, and riddle-reader, and redeemer of chance!