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Noun1.redeye flight - a night flight from which the passengers emerge with eyes red from lack of sleepredeye flight - a night flight from which the passengers emerge with eyes red from lack of sleep; "he took the redeye in order to get home the next morning"
flight - a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports; "I took the noon flight to Chicago"
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A peaceful, sparsely populated redeye flight may force individuals to get up early in the morning, but they will then get to enjoy a peaceful flight.
Another transport logistic to consider is that you sometimes can save yourself a night in a hotel or finding a host either by taking a redeye flight or a sleeper car on the train.
I've also found there are many trips I can take a redeye flight to, sleep on the plane and head straight to the meeting once I land.
Kim replied that West is good, adding that she was there to tell them that she could do the boat roach, as she didn't know that the 35-year-old rapper had to take the redeye flight.
But it leaves them with a "sleep debt" equivalent of a redeye flight from New York, according to recruitment group Office Angels.
He usually goes Friday, then takes the redeye flight back Monday night.
I kept remembering how my good friend Joan Crawford, the famous movie star, admonished me when I arrived at her house early one morning, not looking my best after a redeye flight from California.
The passenger in seat 68A on Tuesday night's redeye flight from New York made it clear he was doing a Garbo even before he boarded.
Ascher flew into Los Angeles over the weekend and met with most members of the 13-person board by the time he was to catch a redeye flight back to New York on Monday night, sources said.