redhorse sucker

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Noun1.redhorse sucker - North American sucker with reddish finsredhorse sucker - North American sucker with reddish fins
sucker - mostly North American freshwater fishes with a thick-lipped mouth for feeding by suction; related to carps
genus Maxostoma, Maxostoma - a genus of fish in the family Catostomidae
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8 June 80 Moxostoma congestum gray redhorse sucker 2 Mar.
Listening to the hounds on a winter night is as time-honored in Missouri as gigging redhorse suckers in the crystal rivers for a gravel bar fish fry.
The departments of Environmental Resources and Health and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission said shorthead redhorse suckers taken from the river between Pittston and Hunlock Creek contained levels of polycholorinated biphenyls (PCBs) above the "action levels" established by the U.