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n. Offensive Slang
1. Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.
2. A person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude.


1. (in the southwestern US) a poor uneducated White farm worker
2. a person or institution that is extremely reactionary
reactionary and bigoted: redneck laws.


or red′-neck`,

n., adj.
usage: All the senses of this term are usually used with disparaging intent, implying negative stereotypical traits such as ignorance and bigotry.

Informal: Usually Disparaging. n.
1. (a term used to refer to an uneducated white farm laborer, esp. from the South.)
2. (a term used to refer to a bigot or reactionary, esp. from the rural working class.)
3. Also, red′-necked`. narrow, prejudiced, or reactionary.
[1820–30, Amer.]
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Noun1.redneck - a poor White person in the southern United Statesredneck - a poor White person in the southern United States
rustic - an unsophisticated country person


[ˈrednek] N (US) → campesino m blanco de los estados del Sur


[ˈrɛdnɛk] n (pejorative) (mainly US)plouc m
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The Prairie Center welcomes Three Redneck Tenors at 7 p.
com)-- "Matt Westin rocks on his new radio single, 'Our Redneck of the Woods.
Redneck Outdoor Products makes skinning and loading big game a breeze with the 2 in 1 Hoist & Skinner ($279.
I have been an avid reader of S&H for many years, but I'm as redneck and right-wing as they come: 13 generations in agriculture on this continent, direct descendant of William Bradford.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 21, 2017-Renters Warehouse Acquires Oklahoma Property Management Firm Redneck Property
4 million; Closed the acquisition of Redneck Oilfield Services Ltd.
True to Redneck standards, the Portable Blind Stand is rock-solid, quiet and comes with ground auger, cable and turnbuckle for anchoring.
Country music, as it turns out, is a surprisingly effective entryway into discussions of class, since it not only has its roots in the white working-class community, but is also seen as a symbol of the redneck by the dominant middle class.
Writing in an accessible style with a dose of humor, author Ferrence, a self-described "Pennsylvania Dutch redneck from Appalachia with a doctorate," traces redneck roots in geography and examines the icon of the redneck in the context of literary and cultural studies.
In what will be a rare appearance The Redneck Manifesto will headlining a concert in aid of treatment for Sarah Walsh Delaney.
The Rise and Decline of the Redneck Riviera: An Insider's History of the Florida-Alabama Coast provides a powerful social history of a region of the Florida-Alabama coast which evolved into a tourist destination from the late 1920s to the early 1930s, when it changed from a small collection of fishing villages to a region known as "The Redneck Riviera".
While we're driving, though I know he isn't listening, I feel the urge to tell the Redneck about my past.