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(Chemistry) (modifier) another term for oxidation-reduction
[C20: from red(uction) + ox(idation)]


a chemical reaction between two substances in which one substance is oxidized and the other reduced.
Also called redox.
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Noun1.redox - a reversible chemical reaction in which one reaction is an oxidation and the reverse is a reduction
chemical reaction, reaction - (chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others; "there was a chemical reaction of the lime with the ground water"
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The reason for the decreased rate of polymerization is not entirely clear, but it is known that this particular antioxidant monomer interferes with the iron of the redox initiator system (ref 7).
redox reaction for PANI electrode are much larger than that for Pt electrode.
In conjunction with the new launch, Redox has debuted its new website, www.
Our study suggests that the redox profile of patients may be considered a predictive marker of AIDS progression and that the acute infection and the asymptomatic phase of the disease may represent a useful period in which the combined use of antiretroviral and antioxidant drugs may be beneficial.
System provides the only complete assessment of patients' redox status and enables identification of a broad variety of disorders where redox is implicated.
of Cologne), and 14 contributors discuss the combining of reaction- oriented electrochemistry and species-focused spectroscopy to identify unknown species formed as intermediates or products in a redox reaction.
Redox initiators have been usually employed to carry out polymerization of viny1 monomers such as methylmethacrylate (MMA) (1), (2).
is selling its Biz bleach brand to Redox Brands, Inc.
That an RNA can assist in redox reactions might mean that before proteins evolved, primordial RNAs served as catalysts driving life-sustaining metabolic processes, the Mitsubishi Kasei scientist suggests.
The system consists of the world's largest redox flow battery and Japan's largest concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) units.
Firmicutes bacteria utilize as thiol redox buffer bacillithiol (Cys-GlcN-Mal, BSH) and Actinomycetes produce the related redox buffer mycothiol (AcCys-GlcN-Ins, MSH).