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A college athlete who is allowed to practice with the varsity team but is kept out of competition for one year in order to extend the athlete's period of eligibility.
tr.v. red·shirt·ed, red·shirt·ing, red·shirts
To make (a student) a redshirt.

[From the red jerseys worn by such athletes to distinguish them from the regular players.]


vb (intr)
(General Sporting Terms) sport US (of a college athlete) to take a year out of a sports team


1. a high-school or college athlete kept out of varsity competition for one year to develop skills and extend eligibility.
2. to withdraw (an athlete) from varsity competition.
[1950–55, Amer.; from the red shirts worn in practice by such athletes]
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He redshirted in his freshman year and he's doing pretty well now.
A redshirted child is a year older at kindergarten entry and thus becomes one of the oldest in his class and remains so throughout his school years, enjoying the presumed advantages of age.
When they see Marcus Mariota redshirted and some of the other guys, that means I'm not so bad," Helfrich said.
Where the 2003 and 2004 classes should have provided enough quality linemen that could have been redshirted, the Hogs have just two scholarship offensive linemen from those years, along with a walk-on fifth-year player.
However, two intriguing players are McNeal, who was switched from safety late last season, and Carter, who redshirted last season.
Starting point guard and team captain Alec Breazeale redshirted last season and played as a freshman in 2011-12.
Nicolas redshirted last season at Notre Dame and had narrowed his potential transfer destinations to UCLA and Colorado.
WR Spencer Paysinger Cousin of Brian Paysinger had potential on both sides of the ball Redshirted as a linebacker, contributed on special teams last fall
He redshirted last season, but competed unattached in several races.
Defensive end Rashaad Goodrum from Valley College, who redshirted last season with a knee injury, will participate in spring drills.
TOP RETURNERS - Santiago Lorenzo is defending NCAA and Pac-10 champion, and ranks fourth on UO career decathlon list with 7,889 points but has not recovered from February leg injury and might be redshirted .
He redshirted his first year, then played sparingly as a redshirt freshman.