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A college athlete who is allowed to practice with the varsity team but is kept out of competition for one year in order to extend the athlete's period of eligibility.
tr.v. red·shirt·ed, red·shirt·ing, red·shirts
To make (a student) a redshirt.

[From the red jerseys worn by such athletes to distinguish them from the regular players.]


vb (intr)
(General Sporting Terms) sport US (of a college athlete) to take a year out of a sports team


1. a high-school or college athlete kept out of varsity competition for one year to develop skills and extend eligibility.
2. to withdraw (an athlete) from varsity competition.
[1950–55, Amer.; from the red shirts worn in practice by such athletes]
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I haven't thought about redshirting anybody right now," he said before practice Tuesday.
Redshirting gives younger athletes an additional year to develop skills and extends their playing eligibility, since colleges allow these freshmen five years to attend and compete.
Could you please tell me where the term redshirting originated in its football use?
Jimmy is a reserve tight end for the Trojans, and Jeff a freshman defensive end redshirting at UCLA.
We had a million sophomores, Keynan Middleton (was a MLB draft pick), and the two guys we did return who played for us, we're redshirting.
Ward, from Rim of the World High, is expected to play a backup role after redshirting last season.
Singler said that when he was first presented with the option of redshirting, "I was, `no, I want to play.
We were 12 hours away from redshirting him, in our eyes,'' USC coach Pete Carroll said.
RB Remene Alston Plucked from North Carolina, reminded coaches of Jeremiah Johnson Used mostly in mop-up duty last fall after redshirting
Wright may redshirt: With center Michael Fey (groin) available and Alfred Aboya (knee) a few weeks from returning, Howland did not rule out redshirting freshman center Ryan Wright.
Both players are currently redshirting for the Rebels.
Kyley Johnson, who won Pac-10 HJ title in 1998, returns after redshirting last season .