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A college athlete who is allowed to practice with the varsity team but is kept out of competition for one year in order to extend the athlete's period of eligibility.
tr.v. red·shirt·ed, red·shirt·ing, red·shirts
To make (a student) a redshirt.

[From the red jerseys worn by such athletes to distinguish them from the regular players.]


vb (intr)
(General Sporting Terms) sport US (of a college athlete) to take a year out of a sports team


1. a high-school or college athlete kept out of varsity competition for one year to develop skills and extend eligibility.
2. to withdraw (an athlete) from varsity competition.
[1950–55, Amer.; from the red shirts worn in practice by such athletes]
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Redshirts (11): Seth Oxner, OL; Grant Freeman, OL; Tim Dial, LB; Jake Bequette, OL; Kareem Crowell, OL; Grant Cook; Greg Gatson, DB; Nathan Dick, QB, Joe Chaisson, WR, Brandon Lampkin, TE; Bret Harris, S; Jerry Franklin, LB.
The defensive line has one fifth-year player as a reserve and three regular four-year players (two are redshirt juniors).
Cushing redshirts: Freshman linebacker Brian Cushing will redshirt because he's still sidelined with a dislocated shoulder and won't be back for at least two weeks.
But if Sartz can't play, he remains a candidate to redshirt, even though he is a senior.
The cupboard is full and there are a lot of vitamins in there,'' said Peterson, who will go into the 2004 season with Canyon's usual staple of practice-tested redshirts, out-of-state and out-of-country additions and top area preps.
The '04 Cougars will include High Desert redshirts Jason Broome from Highland of Palmdale and long-hitting Jacob Curtier from Quartz Hill, both of whom sat out their first two seasons at Canyons.
The group includes returners Boomer Brazzle, Dustin Johnson and Randy Roy, redshirts Derrick Anderson and Elan Buller and freshmen Will Kimble, Micah McKinney, Robert Turner, Terrance Johnson, Glen McGowan and Michael Hall.
Maybe if he redshirts, maybe it changes the situation.
Players are eligible for medical redshirts if they don't play in more than three games.
Players may receive medical redshirts if they do not play in more than three games.
We're one of the best wrestling programs - we won the Pac-10 championship last season - and sometimes our redshirts look around and realize who they're behind.
Carroll said if freshman linebacker Brian Cushing (dislocated shoulder) doesn't return within two weeks, he will probably redshirt.