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reduce, reduct - Reduce first meant "bring back or recall in memory" or "take back or refer (a thing) to its origin," from Latin reducere, "lead back"; reduct means "simplify."
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the successful proposer will identify and implement building improvements to reduct energy, water, and related costs in facilities, such that annual cost savings are applied to annual payments for improvements.
To decide whether a set S of ground atoms is an answer set, we form the reduct of the grounded program with respect to S, as follows.
Image Credit: Gulf News File Arab Youth Climate Movement has demanded that Arab leaders work constructively to achieve GHG emission reduct Image Credit: Supplied Image Credit: Gulf News By Derek Baldwin, Chief Reporter
A lightweight, expanded polypropylene bead foam material has been used to achieve almost 3kg of weight savings, as well as reduct ions in C[O.
Subsequently, the tertiary structures of PAPS reduct domain from various YBDN proteins were predicted by both Swiss-Model and Pymol software, and its active sites were predicted through NCBI data.
A reduct is the minimal subset of attributes which provides the same classification as the set of all attributes.
A Mathematical Foundation for Improved Reduct Generation in Information Systems," Knowledge and Information Systems, vol.
This means that in set C there are indispensable criteria included in the core, exchangeable criteria included in some reducts but not in the core, and redundant criteria being neither indispensable nor exchangeable, thus not included in any reduct.
INCIDENT mana FMG has been a contract to redu 336-vehicle flee leading comme manufacturer, In Incident rates h 20% within the the contract, eq saving of about The risk reduct contract uses a techniques, inc training, aimed chance of incid protecting staff assets.
IT management 2011-NL 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 concerns Business 2 1 1 7 4 Productivity & cost reduct.