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Brought back; returned. Used postpositively.

[Latin : re-, re- + dux, leader; see duke.]


(usually postpositive) (esp of an artistic work) presented in a new way: Apocalypse Now Redux .
[C20: Latin: brought back]



(used postpositively) brought back; resurgent: the Victorian morality redux.
[1650–60; < Latin: returning (as from war or exile), n. derivative (with pass. sense) of redūcere to bring back; see reduce]
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Adj.1.redux - brought back; "the Victorian era redux"; "`Rabbit Redux' by John Updike"
revived - restored to consciousness or life or vigor; "felt revived hope"
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Haptics and panel audio solution provider Redux is building on success in 2015 and preparing for the next phase of growth.
It's the outdoor game Capture the Flag REDUX, officially being released today.
The show, which plays June 19 and 21 in the Soreng Theater at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, is the last of the season for Radio Redux, which re-enacts radio shows - comedy, drama and now science fiction - that aired up to the mid-20th century before television sets became ubiquitous in U.
METRO REDUX PS4, PC, XBOX One WHO'D have thought that a post-apocalyptic Moscow could be so captivating in this double bundle of PS4 shooter action?
Fallujah Redux is keenly insightful, candid, and an absolute "must-read", especially recommended for collections about modern military history, nation-building, and the ongoing conflicts in Iraq.
What Rapid Redux is doing in the twilight zones of US racing has gone through the gamut of awe from diverting to involving to compelling, a 22-race spree of unalloyed simplicity, every one a winner.
Following this success, MoMA have now acquired the "Vertigo" and "Serpico" Cinema Redux pieces for their collection, which will sit alongside some of the greatest modern and contemporary art in the world.
1, 1986, must choose between the High-3 retirement system or REDUX at their 15th year of service, according to Foster.
In October 2003, the service member testified that he expected to receive a $30,000 Redux bonus.
Lagniappe also provides a valuable recycling service: Just send in any type or brand of cloth bag, and the company will wash, repair and re-sell it in its Redux line--and give you 10 percent off your next purchase.
Key benefits of a solution containing the high-performance Redux and Motorola Canopy components include: excellent uncompressed voice quality; configurable full and fractional E1/T1 service; immediate interoperability with any E1/T1 equipment regardless of signaling protocols used; maximal use of wireless bandwidth both for E1/T1 voice and for Ethernet data; very low voice delay; strict wire-speed prioritization of voice over data; minimization of truck roll with remote software upgrade of equipment; and precise distribution of telephony clock from carrier networks to customer premises.
Redux Communications' Arranto E1/T1 TDM and Ethernet over Packet Gateway has been added to Motorola's Canopy wireless broadband access affiliate program.