v. i.1.To embrace again.
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Yahuda then discusses Japan as the first country to reembrace China after the isolation imposed on Beijing in the wake of the Tiananmen crackdown of 1989.
In light of the attempt by Yeshu Satsang leaders to reembrace Hindu/Sikh practices while remaining committed to Jesus, we might question views commonly inherent in church practices among Western evangelicals.
An opportunity to reembrace buccaneering entrepreneurship alongside an equal responsibility for dealing decently with local people.
Any way forward requires a reembrace of ecclesial authority and obedience, but in renewed, more catholic ways.
While Hagner--an evangelical Christian--provides a solid academic overview of those modern Jews who have engaged in the study, analysis, assessment, critique, and potential reembrace of the Christ, his conclusion remains troubling and will remain highly contested by members of the Jewish community:
In the same spirit, he then suggests that they name the child "Lebanon," the nation that mediated Joachim's heterosexual activity and Germany's reembrace of fecundity.
who have been told by the great and the good to abandon Winter Festivals and reembrace Nativity plays.
reDISCOVER a better world -- people are looking for simple ways to give back, help preserve the Earth and help the people of the world thrive -- reEMBRACE the family table -- people want to gather together and eat at home more, enjoying meals that are healthy and taste great -- reSHAPE my body / reFRESH my health -- people who want to lose weight, feel better and make lifestyle changes they can live with, including tips for getting on the right track to healthy weight loss -- reBALANCE my budget -- people who are committed to eating well on a budget
We may ultimately agree with Kramer that popular constitutionalism necessarily requires us to reembrace departmentalism, but it is equally possible that we may decide to retain the current regime or, more modestly, to construct a regime in which the judiciary occupies a privileged but nonsupreme interpretive role.
What better time for the Democrats to reembrace the principle of progressive taxation than when the government so desperately needs the money?
For good measure, Turnbull reembraces the traditional religious view of suicide as murder: "Grief following the suicide of a friend or relative presents a special case of emotional trauma .