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also re-en·try (rē-ĕn′trē)
n. pl. re·en·tries also re-en·tries
a. The act or action of reentering.
b. The return of a missile or spacecraft into the atmosphere.
2. The act of rejoining as a participant or member: programs to ease prisoners' reentry into society.
3. Law The recovery of possession of a property by an owner, pursuant to a right reserved in a lease or other agreement in the event of some breach of that agreement.
4. Games
a. The act of regaining the lead by taking a trick in bridge and whist.
b. The card that will take a trick and thus regain the lead.


(riˈɛn tri)

n., pl. -tries.
1. the act of reentering.
2. the return from outer space into the earth's atmosphere of an earth-orbiting satellite, spacecraft, rocket, or the like.
3. Law. the retaking of possession under a right reserved in a prior conveyance.
4. Also called reen′try card`. (in bridge) a card that will win a trick enabling one to regain the lead in a hand.
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Noun1.reentry - the act of entering againreentry - the act of entering again    
return - the act of going back to a prior location; "they set out on their return to the base camp"
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Second, the analysis of repatriation adjustment is conceptualized in the study in terms of reentry satisfaction and reentry difficulties experienced in a number of general arena's which are not specific to the organizational context per SE.
CHICAGO -- Carol Fishman Cohen, co-author of Back on the Career Track and co-founder of career reentry programming company iRelaunch, has been invited by the U.
the nation's leading provider of offender reentry and in-prison treatment services, announced today that it has named James E.
IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle), the European Space Agency s atmospheric reentry demonstrator, developed and integrated by Thales Alenia Space as prime contractor, arrived today at the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana, initiating preparations for the launch, scheduled for this coming November.
In January 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder convened the Federal Interagency Reentry Council (FIRC) to work across agency boundaries to identify tasks that would contribute to the reduction of risk and recidivism; identify and reduce correctional costs; and address outcomes related to public health, child welfare, employment, education and housing.
This January 5th meeting marked an auspicious beginning to the New Year for staff of the various federal agencies supporting the new Reentry Council.
Given the number of inmates being released from incarceration back into the community, and the high rate of rearrest among these individuals, offender reentry programs have received a good deal of attention in recent years.
The American Correctional Association (ACA) presents 27 readings discussing core issues in offender reentry after institutionalization in the US, for students and professionals working either in corrections or in community services.
The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) presents Reentry Trends in the United States, a section of its Web site that summarizes the latest national data concerning inmates returning to the community after serving time in state or federal prison.
Administrators and faculty in higher education became interested in reentry women when the numbers of these individuals attending college increased in the 1960s and 1970s.
It is anticipated that at the completion of the supplement, the reentry scientist will be in a position to apply for a career development (K) award, a research award, or some other form of independent research support.
Now the scientists' analysis, based on samples collected in paper filters by highaltitude balloons before and after the satellite's reentry, has indicated that most or all of the reactor's uranium-235 "dust' was indeed still present in the upper atmosphere more than a year later.